Boo-Boo Power

Isn’t it remarkable that no matter what emotion is lurking inside your child, a boo-boo and some smooches can almost always bring a cure for tears, frowns, feeling scared, moping, disappointment, and yes, an occasional scrape or two. For best results, apply bandage to clean, dry skin and let the magic begin.

Olaf band-aid, need unknownHow old are kids when the charmed spell that comes with the unraveling of the wrapper and placing the boo-boo on any part of the human body, simply stops working? There are many parents who have treaded these waters well before me. Surely you know? I feel like an honest ‘heads-up’ on this topic is in order, especially for those of us who are still stockpiling at CVS.

Currently, my two girls, 5 and 7, can easily be distracted from a klutzy move on the sidewalk, an unwarranted kick on the shin from a sib, a shriek of, “She almost hit me,” or signs of an actual flesh wound, with the careful positioning of an adhesive bandage. Sometimes the cure is not as immediate if we have the wrong princess in supply. But more often than not, Band-Aids are like a silver bullet. I keep these charmed ‘body-stickers’ in my backpack, in their backpacks, in the car, in my partner’s purse, so we are always at the ready for whatever may come our way. This 2-mom family has reason to not be ready.

Earlier this week, Little, was fancifully sharing her latest dance moves in the living room with me when she slipped on the hard wood flooring and hurt her knee. I leapt from the sofa to her rescue while applauding her effort, grace, and now bravery. Kissing her knee repeatedly, we made a beeline to the medicine cabinet (yes, there are boxes in each bathroom too) and chose the right stuff for this particular injury. Apparently, even though it was her knee that was smarting, she led me to top of her left hand, for placement of a character from Inside Out (thankfully, it was Joy!). I realized that she needed to see her boo-boo and be reminded of the earlier painful experience, like some sort of proof that it happened. After all, with leggings on, what if she totally forgot? Perhaps it was even of ‘badge of courage’ to share later when Big gets home from school.

When Little or Big get hurt, even a miniscule one like the unfortunate ballet incident mentioned above, its rough on our 2 momma hearts. Witnessing the pain and suffering, even if only lasting 18 seconds, is still excruciating. Bigger hurts, feelings and emotions are like—lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

boo boo 3Here’s an open-ended question for you—is pulling off the Band-Aid traumatic for your kids? Little seems to find no issue in this. In fact, I find them all over the house. Nothing much grosser than a spent Elsa and Anna bandage stuck to the dresser or at the bottom of the tub, wedged in the drain. But for Big—it’s as if we are about to amputate a limb. Bandages just need to linger on Big. At an attempt for removal, we will experience piercing cries, screams, squeals, kicks and punches, way worse than those of the original cause, if we get anywhere close to the target. Sometimes those gummy, tacky tchotchkes are just barely holding on for dear life on her twin kneecaps. The adhesive gunk has drawn in many interesting objects. At this point in the scene, this mommy has to inflict the unthinkable and rip.

“There honey, that wasn’t so bad at all? Just like I promised. Let me give those knees a little kissing.” We hug and all is good in the world. Little showed up to make sure Big was smiling, game on in case her comedic charm was needed.

The craziest thing is, given any other scenario, those same piercing cries, screams, kicks and punches of fear and dread, would be cured with a bunch of kisses and a boo-boo application.

Go figure?

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