Dear Society,

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As you go about your business and relate with people, families, groups, please kindly think before you speak. Do I mean to say this so harshly? Maybe. It occurs to me, that as a culture, there has long been some traditional hardwiring when it comes to the rule of family. Husband, wife, and 2.3 kids have long been the accepted norm. Over time, many of you have even acknowledged the single mom who has one or more kids. Single Dad’s exist too, holding custody of children in a post-Kramer vs. Kramer world.

However my fellow creatures of the good ol’ U.S. of A., please be aware of the ‘rainbow-banner year’ 2015 has been for human rights. (Such naches this year has brought.) Yes, did you notice I didn’t say just LGBT rights? Small thinking must stop. The word ‘family’ is now fascinating and complex. Prejudice and discrimination must stop. It’s time to believe that all lives matter. #HumanityMatters.

You’ve recognized different religions marrying. You’ve accepted bi-racial couples. Let love win.

In June of 2015, Edie Windsor and Jim Obergefell braved SCOTUS and won, making same sex marriage a right nationwide, citing the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Talk about a Mensch on a Bench! Our mass shpilkes had ended! In a momentous 5-4 ruling, 5 mensch’s struck down the U.S. ban, stating that this ‘liberty will no longer be denied.’ Surely it is a mitzvah for all humanity when love wins.

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Marriage licenses were issued all over the country to same sex fagele’s. Registries and calls to the caterers rang throughout the land. In this same year, more than 450 elected officials served as openly fagele. The transgendered community became visible as Laverne Cox posed nude for photographer, Norman Jean Roy and Vanity Fair magazine led with “Call me Caitlyn.” Kneidlach or not, #HumanityMatters.

With all of this positive change, hear my spiel. Families in your line of vision may appear different from what you are used to — and this difference is good and beautiful and long overdue.

Two dads and their children may eat in a restaurant, shop in a store, walk in a park, play at the playground or catch the new Star Wars flick. Do not have the chutzpah to think (with your outside voice) that one of the adults is the dad and one is the brother, the uncle, the friend, or the grandfather. Don’t assume alte kocker when one parent looks older than the other.

Two moms and their children may eat in a restaurant, shop in a store, walk in a park, play at the playground or catch the new Star Wars flick. Do not have the chutzpah to think (with your outside voice) that one of the adults is the mom and one is the sister, the aunt, the friend or the grandmother. Don’t assume alte kocker when one parent looks older than the other. (Please read this: I am not the Bubbeh, I am Mommy.) Vai is mir.

my two

Because you know what happens when you assume

And guess what, our families are just like yours. Except maybe, sometimes, we work harder than most to birth our kinder.

So please, I beg of you, open your minds to new things, new ideas, and new families, even a bissel. It’s mashuggeh not to. If you can’t, you can kish’m tuchas. Poo. Poo. Poo.

If you can, l’Chaim.

And remember, #humanitymatters.

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10 thoughts on “Dear Society,

  1. I love your hashtag #humanitymatters. Man, I wish the rest of America would get on board with that! I’m so tired of my country being so divided by virtually EVERYTHING! This being election year, it’s going to probably get worse before it gets better. I remember when I was 16 in the 90’s and I was sitting in the car with my aunt and my great aunt. I lived in Baltimore. We saw a black man and a white woman holding hands while walking down the street. My aunt go so disgusted by it and voiced her opinion to me and my great aunt. My great aunt told my aunt that I believe in interracial couples. When I spoke up and told her it doesn’t bother me because they aren’t hurting me in any way. They aren’t affecting my life in any sort of way, I got the lecture of a lifetime, then called names for being a “sympathizer” My philosophy is this: As long as children and animals aren’t getting hurt, I don’t care how others live their lives. You do you and live your life your way. At the end of the day, that’s what we all want so who am I to tell someone how to live? Apparently I have a very different perspective from many people that I know. I love your post! Society needs to get off their high horse and be more compassionate and understanding. Love your pictures. Your girls look really happy and that’s what matters. #abitofeverything


    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. I am literally frightened of this election year and the amount of hate that is spreading so freely and easily. Always nice to find another sympathizer! I really believe in #humanitymatters. I started it when I thought it was a bit racist to say #blacklivesmatter, #mexicansmatter. We all matter. As a people, if we don’t see that soon, I cannot imagine the anarchy.
      You can help spreading it by using #humanitymatters too! Ty

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  2. I have followed the fight in the US for rights for all to marry. I have to say it is the one thing our otherwise useless govenment in the uk managed to get right in the last few years was setting this wrong right.
    I love the hashtag #humanitymatters. Its a fabulous reminder that we are all the same and we need tonstart viewing ourselves as one.
    Thank you for sharing with us, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

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