Worry, Shmorry

worry 1

I will not worry at all today

No matter what may come my way

Big and Little will return unscathed

We’ll laugh, we’ll play, and we’ll get them bathed


I will not anguish about the Mrs.

And whether we left without our kisses

Her yoga mat will bring much solace

Her mind, her soul, her day– be flawless


worry 3

I will not fear about the election

Despite the scary conservative selection

Vancouver is lovely all year round

If a nutcase wins, that’s where we’re bound


I will not torment over the economy

Our finances vs. wealth, a true dichotomy

‘Cuz cars are up and job growth’s good

And the stock market will recover, in all likelihood?


I will not be burdened about national security

Or blowing ISIS and ISIL to obscurity

It will be safe to go to the mall

Or to a theatre, or down the hall


I will not panic about bigotry and hate

And the ignorance that plagues our world at an alarming rate

Killers and fanatics could show up any place, anywhere

It’s not a dream; it’s a living nightmare


POTUS said it’s time for innovation

Let’s focus our work in this dear nation

I will not have shpilkes over cancer, strife and disease

It’s time for greatness, not wannabees


worry 2

I will not fret over global warming

Starving polar bears and the earth we are harming

Let’s harness power in the wind and the sun

Can we ever undo what we have done?


Should I displace the agony of Sandy Hook and too many others?

The anxiety over this surely smothers

Is our nation viler more than ever?

When will it stop; never say never


Worry, shmorry; I’m still afraid

My thoughts still weighted; my hope that will fade

This post was inspired by bumbismom  who wrote the post, Is there an off Button for the Worry?  Check out her talent!


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14 thoughts on “Worry, Shmorry

  1. Reblogged this on Bumbi's Mom and commented:
    I woke up to read this first thing this morning and absolutely love it. To imagine that anything I wrote could inspire such a flow of words is a tremendous compliment. Please read and go visit this blog today!


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