Rant, shmant. As long as I can vent…

QUIET: Therapy In Session
QUIET: Therapy In Session

A new weekly feature for you (really, for me. Remember, you are my therapists).

Many months ago something happened that gives me such shpilkes, even today. The Mrs., she takes Big to the doctor for her yearly check in. Little tags along, as she usually does. This is usually not too traumatic of an event. We love our doc and the visit is always followed up with ice cream for all! What’s not to love?

First, let me tell you that Big, she is fine. Our regular pediatrician is out on some emergency, so they ask if it’s okay that Big sees a male doc for this visit. This I think is nice thing. We say of course, no problem. We have no issue here.

Mr. Doc comes in, seems pleasant, engaging—all is good. A little doctoring goes on, looking in the ears, listening to the heart, etc. then he says to Big, “Do all of your friends hate you?” Big, (all of seven years old) looks perplexed and worried. The Mrs., she is mortified.

Mr. Doc continues to spew, “Don’t they hate you because you are so beautiful? If they don’t now, they will soon.” This, he says to the most sensitive little madelah on the planet. On a regular day, she is like a sponge soaking in the pain of the world. Really? We needed this new burden added to this thoughtful kinder like we needed a loch in kop?

The Mrs., she speaks up. She says, NO! THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM HERE. WE DON’T WORRY ABOUT THIS! NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT! With eyes bulging and body language that I’m certain, has this medical macher in need of new boxers.

The rest of the visit is uneventful, thankfully. The Mrs., she has to explain to Big and Little, that the doc, he made a bad mistake. No one will hate her for being beautiful. To be a truly beautiful person means you are filled with kindness, compassion and love for yourself and others. Beauty comes from the inside out.

We have heard about Big’s allure from many, but never put forth in a way so crass, so blissfully ignorant and hopelessly tactless. Of all places, we would have never expected something like this to occur at our children’s medical establishment.

So Mr. Doc and those that surround you and your small thinking, you need to know that both of my girls are gorgeous in my eyes. Both of my girls are so much more than a pretty face. Do not, dear Doctor, ever hold them to such low standing, that you expect them to ride free on their stunning aesthetic qualities. They both will carry with them an appeal that comes from who they are on this planet and how they relate to their fellow human beings. They will utilize their brains in virtuous ways because they are cultivating a love of learning. They will grow up to become whatever it is they want to become, because they will both work hard and know they can. They both will lead and dictate their paths.

Hate is a mighty strong word. Please watch where you use such a term in today’s society; it resonates so freely off the tongues of way too many. Where lives get cut short over senseless violence, racism and bigotry. There are probably countless despicable persons on the planet, yet few deserve such a term as ‘hated’ from another individual, as my Big.

Mr. Doc, you have ticked me off in ways that you will never know or comprehend. And I do not hate you. I do fear and worry that there are more out there that think like you—and, I am one pissed Jewish Mamma.

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19 thoughts on “Rant, shmant. As long as I can vent…

  1. Wow! I would have unloaded on the Doctor too. That is horrible. I hope he got the message that he was completely inappropriate! Fantastic read! Thanks for linking up! #FabFridayPost


  2. Not overreacting at all.

    A suggestion: breathe deeply and calm down (this make take a while). Then, and only then, compose an email or letter (the letter will have a stronger impact), complimenting his pediatric skills and then detailing why his comment was so very inappropriate and what would have been appropriate, not only for your daughter but for all the daughters this doctor will see over the course of his career. He needs to be educated in how to give a compliment.


  3. Wow, the amount of misogyny in the world never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think we in the western world have made such enormous strides, I hear about these kinds of little razor cuts to precious little girls and it enrages me. It’s cuts like these when we’re so young that add up over a lifetime. I’m so glad your children have you to process that kind of thing. I just want to put my arms around her and punch that doctor square in the nose. Good post.


  4. That was a horrible thing to say. Its as if raising a daughter and teaching her that physical beauty or attribute, skin color, creed or raise shouldn’t be a measure of a person. My-my…I certainly hope your reg doctor’s there on your next visit. And THAT doctor should be made known that his remarks aren’t appropriate and welcome. Good thing your Mrs. is a fine lady, otherwise that doctor would’ve been the one needing a check up.


      1. Good thing….I agree with what you said, its probably the last place on earth you think you’d experience that..I’m not even sure if that would really be one of anyone’s list. Imagine if that happened to people who weren’t into saying what they feel. Great job you two 🙂


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