It’s been a bumpy road, but we’re still driving!


On Saturday, the time had come for me and the Mrs. to turn in her car because the lease was up. I was concerned because the car was, let’s say, very lived in, with a lot of memorable experiences . It was totally ‘kid-ified.’ To her amazing credit, the Mrs. did a bang-up clean up in the nick of time, and it showed rather well.

On our drive over, der kinder (the kids) in tow, my agita (anxiety, in Italian I think?) was palpable and we were all desperately in need of a good laugh. It had been a rough week for multiple reasons, least of all our need for frugality.

I put my hand on the Mrs. shoulder while she was driving and said, “Honey, when we get to VW place, the ground is the limit!”

The Mrs., she started with a small chuckle, and landed into a nice, hearty gaffaw! We all started laughing, and so began our new journey with the greatest sound my ears can ever hear.

Laughter is the best medicine.


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linky 3-4-16 #FabFridayPost
linky 3-4-16 #FabFridayPost
Linky Live #ABitOfEverything @agentspitback @MrsGrohl14 Week 19 TY
Linky Live #ABitOfEverything @agentspitback @MrsGrohl14
Week 19 TY



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