Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter B!

The Buss, photo credit willowandsage1 (the Mrs.)
The Buss, photo credit willowandsage1 (the Mrs.) 

Big B, Little b, what begins with B?

Botox begins with B

Also known as Botulism toxin or BTX. And for this Botox we are not talking about leveling out the creases, crinkles and wrinkles that now beautify my pain strained face. Nope. This Botox will be injected into the back of my neck and all over my scalp to plainly paralyze the pain. In return, I will also sport the back head and cranium of an 18 year-old. The goal of injecting botulism is to aid and abet my bionics in controlling the incredulous chronic discomfort caused by occipital neuralgia, cervical dystonia, bruxism and the other dreck (crap) that can basically be defined as a PAIN IN MY NECK.


Bionics begins with B

Bionics as in the little machine installed just above my right tuchas (butt) cheek. Its wires wend their way up to the occipital borough of my neck where the magical leads are proficiently positioned. Bionics, from Boston Scientific, alters my brain waves to say, “Hey, that doesn’t hurt so much, ya know?” Bionics are a game changer.

Big Pharma begins with B

Big Pharma is akin to the prescription drug biz that makes medications like Botox. These meds cost big bucks, despite having Blue Cross Blue Shield. What’s an exorbitant bill? When your co-pay is similar to your take home pay.

Boychiks (two young lads) begins with B

Boychiks, as in my two neurological besties, who continue to offer benefits like both Botox and Bionics. These medical miracle makers, yes, they’re doctors, give me hope for better days ahead.image

 Bubelah’s (the affectionate way of referring to my girls) begins with B

My bubelah’s, der kinder (the kids), my shana madelahs (pretty little girls) and of course, the Mrs., they bring me such joy each day—well, basically each and every day! They are hope and my daily simcha (joyous occasion). 

Buds begin with B

Buds are the hope that comes with spring, and quite frankly things like Botox and Bionics. Buds make me beam and believe in warmer clime and sunnier times.



Blogging begins with B

Blogging makes me happy.  Blogging makes me blissful. It gives me a healthy outlet to vent, share and kvell (boast), and allows me entrée to you, my therapists. Blogging is cathartic and liberating. Hopefully, it somehow touches you in a beneficial way, or at least makes you beam or chortle a bissel (little).

A bei gezunt (As long as you are healthy.).
 Well, it almost begins with B.  Nu?


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linky 3-11-16 #FabFridayPost
linky 3-11-16 #FabFridayPost








9 thoughts on “Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter B!

  1. Loved this! Very creative writing! Great read! So sorry about your pain and wish you well in your treatment. B is also for Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and thoughts! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Will be following your botox journey with much interest. I don’t have neck pain but I do get chronic migraines, and botox is the treatment du jour, apparently… Sounds like B is for Bullshit to me but i know that I have to keep an O is for Open Mind about these things. LOL.


    1. I had the treatments 7 years ago and it was very successful. I actually have them done at the Headache Center of Jefferson Hospital. It was very helpful in the past, and I am counting on the fact that now I would have botox plus my occipital stimulator–Look out world! I’m looking into now retrieving some money from the very BLOATED pharma.
      Stay tuned!

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  3. Good luck with the treatments. Sounds very interesting and I hope you get relief.

    Love the way you wrote this around B. Very creative as usual and then of course I’m a fan of “B” and even answer to Aunt B from time to time. 🙂


  4. Yeah, I did the Botox thing. Took awhile for my insurance to approve it, but they finally did. I’m glad it worked for you, but the only effect I got was some numbness in my throat (from injections in the sides of my face), which they warned me might happen. Seemed like it lasted for a long time, but I think it wore off after a month or so. I had to be put under to have it done, which was the best part, because the drugs they used for that lasted a couple of days.

    Great photos. 🙂

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