The Liebster Award! Oh My!

Thank you #grubbsncritters for this honor!
Thank you #grubbsncritters for this honor!

KVELLING: Bursting with pride and joy!

I am feeling really special lately. I am so fortunate to have been praised and recognized by fellow blogger Ann, of  I greatly admire Ann and the great work she does in this space!  Such nachas (utter delight) I haven’t felt, since, well, since I got to watch my Big and Little perform in the ballet, the Nutcracker this past Christmas. (Yes, Jewish kids can perform in a ballet about goyim, or non-jews). Well, I also felt this good when the Mrs. and me, we had time enough to casually binge watch every episode of Doc Martin on TV! I digress…Thank you Ann for this splendid award! I will not rest on my laurels here, rest assured!

Nutcracker tryouts...
Nutcracker try-outs

Ann, she too has two, and has time to write about her life and family antics. A must to add to your reader.

My honorees (drumroll please):

Your Questions???

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. When did you know you loved writing?
  3. Do you have cable, or are you a cord cutter?
  4. Where on the planet is your ‘happy place?’
  5. All-time, best ever, favorite moment of your life (to date)?
  6. What three things would you bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island?
  7. Dinner or Dessert?
  8. What is your favorite word?
  9. How do you occupy your time when you are not blogging?
  10. What do you look forward to in the future?

The Answers to my Questions from Ann:

  1. What’s your favourite go-to snack? Dark Chocolate, or oranges (definitely not together)
  2. If a genie would grant you one wish, and only one, what would you wish for? That the Mrs. and my kinder (the girls), they will always be okay
  3. What’s your favourite post from your own blog so far? My Rant about Cell Phones
  4. Who is your favourite blogger? All things Chronic
  5. If you would cook a special meal, what would it be? Falafel, tabouli and hummus
  6. What makes you squirm? Mice, lice, and mice with lice
  7. What is the most annoying song? The theme song to Barney!
  8. Would you rather live in the city or the suburb? I’m a city girl
  9. What is your favourite quote? Don’t pee on my foot and tell me it’s raining! or in Yiddish, Du kanst nicht oif meinem fus pishen und mir sagen klass es regen ist.
  10. Cats or dogs? Dogs, more specifically, pugs ❤

Thanks again Ann! You rock and made my day, week, month!


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