Is catastrophe the new us? I’m for a better truth!

Don't my shana madaleh's deserve a better place, a safer place?
Don’t my shana madaleh’s (little girls) deserve a better place, a safer place?

Yes, I’m ranting. Why have we lowered the bar on civility?

Does it really matter where one pees? This Yiddisher momma will tell you that in the many times nature has called when I have been out and about, and the line at W went around the corner, I walked into the empty M without causing an international threat to gender. And haven’t all Euro-pee-ans been sharing a WC without worry for, well, ever?

And should whether one pees standing up or sitting down really dictate the gender pay gap?

If November 8th declares a victory for Hillary, will she only receive $316,000 per year / $0.79 per dollar of all her male predecessors?

Why do so many people care only for the unborn child while in utero, and not give a flying fu, well hoot, once the kid has left its amniotic apartment?

Why so much racism, hate, injustice and senseless violence?

#Black Lives Matter
#Black Lives Matter

How is Monsanto allowed to devastate our food system and spoon feed us garbage and chemicals? Don’t they deserve a squirt or two of RoundUp?

Fracking is the new F-word in the world of fossil fuels, foreign oil, future and further damage to water, health, our environment, and the planet. Pope, can you pipe in here please?

Climate change is real. Even the Pope, head macher (big deal, boss man) of the Catholic Church, says human beings are the cause of this major catastrophe. Why can’t the ‘collective we,’ countries and corporations, that share this planet all own that progress and evolution does not always make for a revolution.

#Climate Matters
#Climate Matters

With the bar so low, can we ever raise it again? How long will it take? I worry about all of our kinder (children) growing up in a world so careless, unkind, racist, bigoted and focused on the wrong green.

Oy vey doesn’t even begin to cover this shpilkas (intestinal terror!) folks.

Please, I am open to suggestions. Wallet activism and voting alone won’t change where we are headed.

We need a mindset shift, Yes? Any ideas? I’m askin’ from my heart.


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Thank You so much Su, from! #FabFridayPost
Thank You so much Su, from! #FabFridayPost


7 thoughts on “Is catastrophe the new us? I’m for a better truth!

  1. I’m sad that no one has responded to this; but you do ask difficult questions that have no easy answers. I definitely feel the same anguish myself, almost every day. I think an important thing to remember is that, while those who live in dictatorships (or in the past, under monarchies) have at least the comfort of not having to think about politics (that “thought” could even get you killed), those of us who live in democracies (a healthy portion of the world’s population, now) have the moral obligation – not merely the “right” – to take care of ourselves, and our families, by taking care of our towns, cities, states, and countries. We have the obligation, not merely the right, to involve ourselves in the construction of our “City on a Hill.” Yes, that starts with voting, and with “wallet activism” (or putting your money where your mouth is). But it also is a further obligation to contact our politicians with our ideas, opposition, support; to involve ourselves in civic action groups to push government forward; to make sure the money we spend doesn’t buy bad corporate polices; and to change (as you said) our own mindsets, our own way of life. If you can’t make the whole world better, you can at least make yourself better, and push people you know to do the same (preferably without losing any friends…). Voting and “wallet activism” are major steps that frankly many people don’t even bother to take; and you are right that they are not enough. Can you do more and change the whole world? Well, at least you can change the world’s center – you. I don’t know if that helps; you seem to already have arrived at some of this. But know that others out there feel the same and are on your side.


    1. Thanks so much Paul.I agree with all your thoughts, and am thankful to hear them. My fear is how far the apathy has spread. Your answering gives me hope that others will do what needs to be done! Thanks so much for some hope and shared fear. Together, one by one, right? TY

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  2. I don’t know the answer to this. The list just go one – I guess do the best as we can by setting examples to the little ones and hopefully they will copy us in a good way and pass it on…

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x

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