The Blogger Recognition Award! Thank You!

Thank you BumbisMom for this award!
Thank you BumbisMom for this award!

A Fellow blogger, BumbisMom, who I so admire, has nominated me for the Bloggers Recognition award! Such nachas (pride that is oozing from my pores) I’m feeling! I mean, BumbisMom! Not only is her blog always awesome, her daughter is amazing and I wish they were my neighbors so that my Little and Big could play with her Bumbi.

Now, indulge me please, as I play by the rigorous rules of the blogosphere.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person, BumbisMom, in my case, who nominated you and give a link to their blog (DONE!) And, Mwah! and a for you and Bumbi!
  2. Display the award in a post and kvell (write about it, boast) to your heart’s content
  3. Share your spiel (story) and why you blog
  4. Offer some keen wisdom or nugget of knowledge to up and coming bloggers
  5. Nominate the bloggers you look to, admire, read, and are inspired by

How it all started:

I gotta tell ya, these last couple of years have handed us some Tsuris (grief and heartache) with a capital ‘T‘ that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  (Don’t you worry, my glass stays almost always half full.) To deal with these tumultuous times, I have sought out the only affordable therapy I can muster, and that is with you, via my blog. YOU my readers, have been granted a full degree in shrinkology to help me through, as I type about my life, my tirades, my joys, my pains, and my funny ideas. You are really very good at this! It will help you tremendously if you read everything I type with a bit of an ‘old Jewish, Bernie Sanders’ kind of tone. I have somehow channeled my great Aunt Frieda ( a nice pistachio cake she made!) and have become well versed in all the Yiddish I over heard as a child. Yiddish helps me share my ‘slice of the pie‘ in a more robust way, cause after all,  if a Yiddisheh momma knows something is wrong, you need to eat bubbelah (an affectionate way to refer to someone)! Have some pie. You must be starving…

Little and Big, sledding on Two Mother's Day!
Little and Big, sledding on Two Mother’s Day!

What I wish I knew as a neophyte blogger:

  • WordPress University — They rock! Sign up in The Commons. Did I mention that the classes are free!
  • Interact with other bloggers – read, respond, ask questions – bloggers are good people
  • Be authentic and write from your heart

The Envelopes Please:

There are so many bloggers I thoroughly enjoy, learn, cry and laugh with every day. Thank you all for that! If you want to play along with the recognition love, please do when time permits. If you don’t, a bei gesunt (at least you should be healthy). I pass along the torch of the Bloggers Recognition award to:

Again, big thanks to BumbisMom for this honor. Please take the time, make the time to meet my friends. They are simply fabulous!

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