Did you really just text me a zinger like that?


Shush! Therapy is in session. Phones off.

Kvetch (rant) week 16: Texting has gotta stop!

Okay, it has to be done. I’ve seen too much collateral damage, both on the side of the road in a puddle of blood, and on the sofa cushions, in a puddle of tears.  Texting is not a form of good communication. I’m as techy as the next mom, maybe more so. But, hear me loud and clear. We are allowing our superior opposable thumbs to:

  1. Slowly and surely slash social human interaction
  2. Cause senseless arguments and misinterpretations
  3. Choke our savings in data plans that feel like extortion

Why you ask? Nuance. In a text you cannot look the person in the eyes, hear the tone of their voice, respond to their body language or sense their emotional state. Emoji’s, while cute, cannot replace the shades and degrees that make up real conversations.


  • Your text is more than 2 short sentences, such as, “Running late. Be home soon.” If the reader has to scroll endlessly to read your message, and then respond with texting that is twice as long, this is mishegas (crazy making).
  • You need to convey something shocking or impolite, “I’m divorcing you and I’m keeping the house. How was your day?” C’mon. Unless you are really a draycup (one with your head not on straight), think this through.
  • You have emotional news to share, like, “Your father, he’s just fine. He only tried to kill himself.” This Yiddisher momma loves sarcasm as much as you, but nice, not so much. This kind of text can trigger a battle of the thumbs that will rival the Dueling Banjos from Deliverance. And Carpal-Thumbal is soon to be the next medical malady.
  • You may come off a bissel (a tad bit) begrudging, “You did what? And that birthday Rolex will feed your kids how?” You may be thinking, wow, I was damned clever there…but at what price?
  • You may create a monster of a misunderstanding; “You haven’t spoken to me in three years and you want I should drop everything now and take you to the airport!” Don’t text today like nothing was wrong yesterday. Or more profoundly put, “Don’t pee on my foot and tell me it’s raining.”


Every day, we mitigate hundreds of risks with the decisions and choices we make throughout the course of our days. And still, we magically (or luckily) make it home for dinner. Kaynehorrah (said to ward off the evil eye)! 1.6 million-car accidents occur each year due to the dilemma that is texting and driving. This number, it is growing. And it is taking our kinder (children) with it. Teens are the biggest culprits. And whom did they learn this behavior from? I’m just saying. Put the phone down. Be a role model. Listen to NPR or Spotify. Be present.

Distracted walking is now even cause for concern. People are texting while walking and getting hit by cars, run over by trains, and are generally more in danger than those of us present. Who is such a macher (big cheese, boss) they cannot walk without the thumbs poised to shoot?

Me, I have a strict rule in the car. I will not text and drive for three major reasons: The Mrs., Big, and Little.


And because I’m curious, when I do hear that electronic fart telling me I have a text waiting, don’t you know I hit every green light until I reach my final destination. No joke! Keep ‘em coming. I’ll be punctual and arrive alive.

A bei gezunt. (We should all live and be well).

Can you give it up? Tell me about it, won’t you?





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Thank You so much Su, from EthanEvelyn.com! #FabFridayPost
Thank You so much Su, from EthanEvelyn.com! #FabFridayPost
Bloggers Pit Stop #23 Mwah Ladies!
Bloggers Pit Stop #23
Mwah Ladies!

20 thoughts on “Did you really just text me a zinger like that?

  1. Great post and excellent points but I must confess I am guilty of sending what I call “manitextos.” In fact my bio dad called me on Mother’s Day not to wish me well, but to berate me over something else and rather than shout anger and f-bombs at him with a house full of guests I hung up and sent him a lengthy text. I think it qualifies as an exception.

    I’m actually not much of a talker so texting is my preferred method of communication, but I will not text and drive. #fabfridaypost

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s a habit worth breaking and I take your point on role models!

    Like some of your readers I too have family members I would prefer the option to structure my words (and get them in edgewise!).


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m addicted to texting. Phone calls make me anxious so I have day long conversations sometimes. I am ALWAYS being misunderstood. I was so pleased when I discovered emojis!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get it. I personally have a hard time doing things of importance over text. Misunderstanding is just too easy and hard to fix. Forget auto correct. I didn’t even get to that! Ty for a read and comment too!


  4. I love your text-spressionish lingo and I totally agree with you. I said a lot more in a phone call last night, than I could have texted in a week (maybe my texting finger is a little faster than that). But texting while driving, drives me absolutely nuts! A good friend of mine was waiting at a red light, when a young woman ran into the back of his car, across 3 lanes of traffic, where he was then struck by another vehicle in the 4th lane and into a traffic light pole. He can no longer live on his own, due to the extent of his head injuries and is now in Assisted Living. Makes me mad, and sad.


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  6. “electronic fart” – seriously?! You have an electronic fart as your ring tone! lol! I really do detest people who text and drive – they really should be prisoned them like drink and drive. Seriously!

    Thanks for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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  7. This is so true! Definitely dangerous driving (&, as you say, even walking), & yes it is not as good as real communication, particularly for complex issues or conveying subtle meaning. Email (& fb), of course, have the same risks in not conveying nuances like sarcasm properly. I do like texting, I must admit, because I am both shy and introverted, and I have always had some level of phobia about speaking on the phone, so texting is perfect for me in many ways. But nonetheless I can see it is not ideal in many circumstances. #fabfridaypost

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