Empathy. How in the world can we all embrace it?

For Little and for Big, I wish for more empathy in the world
For Little and for Big, I wish for more empathy in the world

A prompt that has been floating around the blogosphere this week really left me pensive. Thanks to Laura at The View from My Window and Gary from Dream Big, Dream Often for allowing me to stumble upon it, and, well, brood! Here it is:

If you could change one thing about the world in which we live, what would it be?

I would empower all people, every single one of us that inhabit the globe, to be equipped with empathy.

And why?

What a wonderful world we could be if we were all equipped with the capacity to comprehend and hold compassion for the thoughts, feeling, and opinions of others. If we mirrored the eyes and hearts of others in ourselves, envision the endless possibilities for our planet? We could really walk a mile or spend a day in one another’s shoes, and get it – really get it. If we held the depth of honor, respect, and benevolence in our hearts and minds for our fellow beings, how then would we treat each other?

The Buddha said, “See yourself in others, then who can you hurt? What harm can you do?”

If we had more empathy, would we:

  • Still battle wars over religion, oil, territory, greed and power
  • Be kinder to those less able, dis-abled, unable
  • Understand that #BlackLivesMatter, that #HumanityMatters
  • Have such high crime rates, deaths by senseless violence, sexual assault
  • Beep the horn, shoot the bird and kill over traffic disputes and parking spots
  • Bully, hate and disrespect the views of others
  • Deliberately hurt others with our words, our actions, our power
  • Have long lists of endangered species and an ailing earth
  • Assist the homeless, hungry and addicted instead of walking over / past them
  • Grasp the laid off worker, the struggling family, the plight of others
What would you wish for?
What would you wish for?

What if we didn’t jump to do something, and just stood there.

Felt first. Listened. Heard.

Were open to other points of view with respect.

Understood the pain and suffering of others; understood the joy through our own lens, our    imagination.

Then, and only then, reacted.

I think we need some more empathy — for each other, for the kinder (children). What a mitzvah (good and caring deed, act of kindness) this would be for us all.

Nu? What do you think?


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8 thoughts on “Empathy. How in the world can we all embrace it?

  1. WOW! Beautifully written! I am so blessed to have been able to read this first thing this morning. Thank you for the mention of my blog question and answering it so beautifully! You and your words are so inspiring! Thank you!😃

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  2. What a beautiful post. I absolutely agree with your wonderful words, the world does seem to be severely lacking in empathy in this moment. I always used to think I was an empathetic person, I used to be a nurse, and tried my utmost to show sincere empathy for my patients at all times. I’d cry watching the news, and feel anguished at the things I read in the newspaper. But I have questioned my own empathy recently. Since I’ve had children, I’ve become very wary of people-I ignore homeless people, and sometimes bristle if they try and speak to me, because I instantly judge them and worry that they could harm my children. That is judgmental and not empathetic at all, and in wanting to bring my children up to show empathy to the world, I realise that I’ve got a little more work to do! Thanks for a very thought provoking post, and linking to #bigpinklink.

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    1. Thank you so for you very kind words. I try hard to stay empathetic, and like you, there is a bit of a wall sometimes. Protecting the kids has to happen. I cry at everything as well! Oh, such strange times we are in. #bigpinklink


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