I found real Truffula Trees!


I walked during lunch and what did I see?

The rarest of rare — some Truffula trees!

Happy and kvelling (oozing with joy) the Lorax must be

Just knowing there still are some Truffula Trees

Those Once-lers have lost, the battle is done!

Thneeds aren’t needed. The Lorax has won. πŸ’œ




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18 thoughts on “I found real Truffula Trees!

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  2. Absolutely stunning, Lisa! Sometimes we do take for granted the real beauty in our lives. The other morning, I was feeling sorry for myself when I saw the most beautiful red sky and that reminded me that there can be so much beauty even on the most dreary day.

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  3. I love that movie! My kids love it too and I explain to them what the meaning of the movie is about. And those are gorgeous bushes/trees that you caught a picture of. Thanks so much for linking with #momserslink and congrats again on being in the top 3 viewed posts πŸ™‚

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