Who leaves a dog in a car on a hot day?

shhhhhh. Therapy in Session. Help me understand this?


Last week, I took a walk during lunch and found Truffula Trees! It was delightful and I felt giddy. This week, already marred with the pain and loss of Harambe, don’t you know I find a small dog in a hot vehicle parking lot? A paid parking lot, so this was deliberate and could last for hours! A shonda (shame) on so many counts. Who does this? Why?

I looked in, knocked on the doors and windows, to see if idiot humans anyone was with the soon to be poached pooch. The doors and windows were sealed shut. It was about 84 degrees in the shade yesterday. Furry little guy looked to weigh about 15 lbs, tops, as it sat in its dog bed (evidence of a perpetually bad habit?), panting in the passenger seat of a small mobile home, from California no less.


Like any good dog loving human, I chased after a police car as it drove down the street. You wanna know why? A dog left in a hot car cooks a slow and ugly death.

  • Their cooling mechanisms will try hard to kick in — They will pant and drool, blood vessels will dilate
  • Blood pressure begins to change as the heart works harder to supply blood to the dilating vessels. Organs will start to pool blood, and pressure will drop
  • Organ damage begins — kidneys, stomach, intestines, liver all start to feel the thermal damages as blood clots form throughout, vomiting and bloody diarrhea develop and the brain swells
  • If that little red Rover was to reach 109F, and that can happen easily, there would be irreversible brain damage, seizures, coma, and then death
That's panting, not smiling
That’s panting, not smiling

Did you know, that even on a semi-cool day, say around 70F, the temperature in a vehicle could be as much as 40 degrees higher than outside?

The police were able to track down this nogudnik (less than moral and ethical character). He was in a local museum in the area. IN A MUSEUM! While Fido was frying like an egg, this yutz (jerk) was in a museum!

I couldn’t stay to watch this person(s), who left Rover without a care, to broaden his/her horizons at the historical, Eastern State Penitentiary (a fitting locale, this prison, for this chutzpenik (asshole a person with audacity and nerve) who could to do something so wrongful to human’s best friend. He/they should have to go to the big house, the joint, lockup.

I was going to stay, to gib a kick (get a load of) the schmuck(s) return from the ‘prison’ to meet the officers at the rolling home holding this canine captive, but I was too farklempt (overwrought with sadness and anger) to look at his/her punim (face).

I thanked the officers who helped to save this haggard and heated little guy. A mitzvah (good deed).

In dog we trust, at least I do…

A bei gesunt (We should live and be well).

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16 thoughts on “Who leaves a dog in a car on a hot day?

  1. Good for you, Lisa! People who leave dogs in hot cars with not ventilation should be slow-cooked themselves. I’m sure that little guy will love you with all his puppy heart for doing the right thing ❤

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  2. So glad you were there to save this amazing furry friend! I will never understand some people. This and others are the type who should not be allowed the privilege of the love of animals and babies. Thanks for being there at that very moment in time!😃

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  3. I’ve seen so many things about how hot it gets in cars. I can understand running to the post office to check your mail. But not going for a full grocery order or worse… visiting a museum! So happy you were there and so happy the officers helped. That little pooch is thanking you!

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  4. Oh My God! What a schmuck! I can not believe this happened to that little poor dog! Thank goodness you got to him before he fried up! I should be band from having any kind of animals forever and I hope he go to prison for a very long time for it! This makes me so crossed!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us again Lisa on #FabFridayPost It is always good to have you here. x

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  5. Yes, strange that a lot of people don’t seem to think about this. I have to admit I’m not a dog lover at all, but I don’t like to see them suffer, & I think that if people want to own an animal they have to take responsibility for ensuring it is properly cared for as domesticated animals are dependent on us. Glad you got the police to rescue the poor thing. #fabfridaypost

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