Botox Day: A Story in Pictures at the Hospital / Shmospital

Back, at last...
Back, at last…my glass is half full
Oy vey. This I have to wear?
Oy vey. This I have to wear?
Hospital, shmospital
Hospital, shmospital
Over here Doc. I'm here. It's me! C'mon.
Over here Doc. I’m here. It’s me! C’mon.
Doc is asking for me!
I heard my name. YES!
Ready, set, go
Ready, set, go
In 3 - 5 days I'll be better...
In 3 – 5 days I’ll be better…
This morning, waiting for the Botox to kick in
This morning, waiting for the Botox to kick in

Coming soon: a better parent, wife, sister, friend…


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37 thoughts on “Botox Day: A Story in Pictures at the Hospital / Shmospital

  1. Is this for Migraines or Tardive Dyskinesia? That’s what I struggling with.
    They use botox to paralyze the involuntary spasms of TD See this link below? It was an accident on my mouse but this publisher…I asked them yesterday, after six mos of providing free content, if I can write a tardive story. I still have not heard back. It might be a game changer. If they don’t let me write about that, then they don’t see me. I’m not an alarmist and know how to be balanced and fair. I just don’t know if they’ll let me be that. And that’s a deal breaker. If you click my link, you empower me to go further. Allison


  2. Wow I was confused here – I was thinking Botox – whats going on?!
    I used to suffer horrendously with migraines but have thankfully found a preventative medication that helps immensely. I generally only suffer a bad one, perhaps every two months rather than several a week. However I would do anything including this to get rid of them if they came back. I hope it works and you are better soon #stayclassy

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  3. I’m horrified of needles even though I have lots of tattoos and have had piercings in the past and of course 3 babies via c section but I still get anxiety over the slightest thought of needles. I understand yours is involuntary and I sure hope it works for you. Thanks so much for linking up with #momsterslink :)) Hope to see you tomorrow!

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      1. I have BOUGHT a facial device. Passes wee currents. And was planning to use it on my droopy side of face. But am afraid I’d compound the difference. Lol


  4. Lisa, I hope the treatments start kicking in and you feel better soon. Love the pics! They have a different look to them. I like it. What filters did you use to get this look. I felt I was reading a book while scrolling. Really cool!😃


    1. You know what? They are starting to work and I am starting to feel better! Shazam! I was worried a bit as I suffered through a few side effects which had me confused. As for photos, I proudly use my iPhone, and then I bring them through some filters in an app called Snapseed. Free app, and loads of fun and creativity with it. I love it! Thanks Laura. I hope all is well! 🙂


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