Momsterslink ~ June 10, 2016

Welcome to another fabulous weekend of #momsterslink.  I want to thank all of you who take the time to link up with me.  My sincere apologies for my being WAAAAY behind on commenting but no worries…

Please read:  I have noticed the past couple times that some posts are getting 0 clicks on which means that the person who’s post is after there’s is not following the rules shame on those people  It is not difficult to click on a post and share it…you don’t even have to read it, and as long as their share buttons are available it makes sharing a cinch!  Therefore, from now on those people who don’t follow the rules will not be getting a comment or share from me.  Yes, I know who you are because I can see it on my Inlinkz calendar.

Without further a-do last weeks top 3 most viewed posts were…

#momsterslink blog share linky

In 1st place is So This Is Me Mrs. T with~

Tag You’re It ~ The Mummy Tag

2nd place goes to The Working Mummy with~

Hollys Culture Week At Nursery

3rd place goest to LISAPOMERANTZSTER with~

What are the Teachable Moments on Zoo’s and Animals in Captivity

Running Time: Thursdays 12pmPST(US) ~ Sundays 11:59pmPST(US)

Please follow the rules listed below and make sure to place my badge or link at the bottom of the post you are linking with me…otherwise I might have to bite you!  Linkys only work if everyone participates accordingly and linking and running is quite frowned upon in the blogosphere.  If you don’t have time right away, still go ahead and link up then write it down and come back later to do your commenting.  I realize we are all busy or tired sometimes with the different time zones, but if you are trying to build a blogging “posse”, then be nice and play by the rules that are given by the host or hostess.  

Also, if because of the time zone you are unable to link up I will be happy to link your post for you.  Just send me a tweet @DomesticMomster on Twitter with the link and I will add your link.  I know that time zones and being in different countries can sometimes veer some from linking up.

*Please link 2 posts maximum

*Please comment on the host’s post and 1 other post….buuuuut please share the post which comes before yours on any social media of your choice.  Meaning you don’t have to comment on the one before yours, or even read it if you don’t want to, but do please share it.  You may of course share and comment on as many as you like.

*If you link up 2 posts, then comment on 2 other posts and share the 2 posts before yours and also comment and share the host’s post.

*They can be any type of post…old or new, recipe, reviews, giveaways,  and I don’t mind if you advertise your own personal linky but please keep it to one time only.

*Each week I will give a shout out to the top three most viewed posts according to my Inlinkz calendar. I will also share the posts throughout the week on my several social media.  Therefore, if you are linking up, then you give me permission to share your content across various social media of my choice.

*Please place my bitching fabulous  badge at the bottom of your post or if you prefer you can just copy and paste the following link using the word #momsterslink

*Linkys are a great way to meet other bloggers, network, and form a community but this only works if EVERYONE follows the #bloggerlove rules.  So please be aware that I will be paying attention.

*I will readcomment, and share  every post that is linked up.  The social networks I share most on are Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.  I pin all links to my #momsterslink linky Pinterest board  unless I feel like the post subject would go better under another category of board I have but every link is pinned and every link is posted to StumbleUpon!

*If you are unsure about how to link up to a linky, my fabulous friend Becky at Cuddle Fairy has a great informational post here.

*If you need a little lesson on linky etiquette then please read my etiquette guidelines here.

Above all just have fun at my linky party!

Please either use the link above to link back or grab my badge from my sidebar (if you are on a phone or tablet it will be at the bottom…just scroll)  I have given up on trying to get the badge on this actual post to f*ing work!

Source: Momsterslink ~ June 10, 2016

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