*Botox Brief: No more smiles for me, and it is Awesome!


I cannot smile since this Sunday past

My only hope? This result will continue to last

When I look in the mirror it’s absurd, quite inane

That my lips can’t curl up, they will only abstain


I did not smile when I arose before sunrise

Not in the kitchen with coffee; these lips still were lengthwise

I simply do not look that amused at all

Not in the Manor, nor down the hall


I will not grin while commuting each and every day

Not a beam or a chortle when I look your way

I will not smile while I am doing my work

Signing the big deal, there’ll be no sign of a smirk


This flytrap of mine won’t turn its way ‘round

I’ll look much more serious, even a tad bit profound

When I leave in mid-day for a lunchtime siesta

My lips won’t crack upwards, yet it’s a real mitzvah (good thing)


Shuttling back to the Manor before turn of night

My mouth doesn’t snicker, at all, in delight

When I swoop in to hug my Big and my Little,

You’d think my facemask was looking a wee bit too brittle


The Mrs., I’ll give her a peck on the cheek

Ask about her day, my grin passed its peak

As he dances and barks, Gatsby’s wagging his tail

I’ll bend down and squeeze him, my punim (face) in jail


But don’t you have shpilkas (worry) about my lost grin

The Botox, it’s working; chronic pain must not win

Losing my smile is not at all saddening

Life filled with pain; that is what’s maddening


So if you should see me and think it quite odd

Just know in your heart, I feel better in my bod

The pain in my neck that reaches a thunderous level

Has temporarily been frozen, this poison’s no devil


Botulinum toxins injected into my skull

Has diminished the pain, left me much more agile

My mishpocheh (family) is kvelling (happy) with my newfound freedom

Just know that inside, I’m grinning eardrum to eardrum


*Cervical dystonia, occipital neuralgia, neck and back spasms, chronic migraine, pain in the effin’ neck, and associated awful side effects


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14 thoughts on “*Botox Brief: No more smiles for me, and it is Awesome!

  1. I’m so glad it’s working! I guess a smile is a bit of a sacrifice but I’m sure being pain free has got to be a relief. Thanks so much for linking with #momsterslink and I apologize for my delay in commenting as I have been on vacation for 2 weeks. Hope to see you linked up tomorrow!!!

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