What to blog about when so much of the news is, well, simply awful?

She captured summer in one shot
She captured summer in one shot, My Mrs. willowandsage1 on IG

I think it time to share some pure, unadulterated happiness. I know I could use it. The broadcast news has been filled with unconscionable horrors of hate and evil. Politics and nogudniks (very, very bad people), making America great again, hah! Oy, don’t get me started — Violence, assault, guns, gorillas and alligators, another mass shooter. Hate and evil, have I mentioned that? Too much tsuris (pain and suffering) in our world…

Well, who is up for some good, old fashioned, hedonism? A kvell-fest, if you will!

Today, I share with you three joyful things in hopes of paying it forward and spreading some love and bliss, in a world that could use it. Here goes:

Fairy house in bedroom. Please keep snack in kitchen (mice). We sleep in our moms room, so you are safe. Question: What is your name? Write name here. Thanks, Luka and Neko
Fairy house in bedroom. Please keep snack in kitchen (mice). We sleep in our moms room, so you are safe. Question: What is your name? Write name here. Thanks, Luka and Neko
A snack fit for a fairy! Now they put out two snacks, two cups and they were left a note from Lily and Lucy Twinkle…
  • Fairy Time: Little and Big, my shana madelahs (sweetheart daughters), have taken magical thinking and play to new levels here at the Manor. Inspired by a lovely friend, , at a first-time sleepover (for Big), they now write notes to fairies, welcoming them to our home, leaving them presents alongside a nice nosh (food and drink). What Yiddisher momma wouldn’t encourage a guest or two to ess a bissel (eat a little)? Yes, each night they craft a catered fairy affair. It’s just about as adorable and childlike as one could hope for as summer vacation starts off. Childhood should be filled with beautiful moments like this. Memory making material that brings such nachas and pure giddiness to us all. And, the added touch of surprise and delight for the fairies can’t hurt, nu?
Look at that punim (face)! How can you not love him?
Look at that punim (face)! How can you not love him?
  • The Great Gatsby: About a month ago, our family grew. After the long pain and suffering from the loss of our two wunder-pugs, Atticus and Eli, Little and Big, they convinced the and me that a puppy would make us feel better. Such wisdom from my kinder (kids). Enter Gatsby. A kockeputzi (mish-mash) mix breed we rescued, filled with the love and affection we so needed. His momma was a Pekinese/Pug and his Poppa, a miniature Dachshund. What we get is a beautiful boychik (little boy) puppy who has stolen our hearts, and is helping us to heal. Gatsby is a mechaiyeh (absolute pleasure) that has made our flat at the Manor feel like home. He is a real D-A-W-G. Very un-pug-like! He fetches, digs, burrows and buries bones around our apartment. He barks, chews and has a mischievous, impish little face. He is smart as they come, and takes us all outside for family fun. And, he is a cuddly little love has filled our hearts.
Shvesters, and Gatsby ❤
  • She found her Niche: I’m talking about my beautiful Mrs. here, who is fast becoming an incredibly talented, self-taught, photographer. Let me kvell a bissel (brag, boast and shout about how talented she is, a little) about her now. She has always had an eye, my Mrs. For style, for fashion, for color, for creativity. Goldeneh hendts (literally, golden hands) she has. And now, she is putting it all together and letting her camera speak for itself. I’ll stop talking now and share some photos. Follow her on IG at willowandsage1.
Look at that lighting and styling. Nu?
Look at that lighting and styling. Nu?
with Nona, does it get any better?
with Nona, does it get any better?


Ah, a kvell-fest feels good. Always time to kvetch (bitch and moan complain) later…

A bei gezunt. As long as we’re healthy!

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25 thoughts on “What to blog about when so much of the news is, well, simply awful?

  1. You’re asking me? (Well, you’re not, but we’ll leave that for another day.) At least you have a blog that includes lifestyle and family events and just general warmness, two great kids, an adorable puppy, and a shtick of the yiddish thing. Me? I have a political blog; I have nothing but ugliness and stupidity and corruption and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME-type things to report and/or kvetch about: How do you think I feel? At least, I have blogs like yours to take my mind off of things. So, um, thanks. You know, for being a mitzvah, of a sort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such nachas! I’m kvelling all over. Thank you Paul. Yes, it can get a tad bit outrageous with all the stupidity in the political arena. Horrible. Embarrassing. Mishuggeneh. Thank for reading and writing to me! I so appreciate it!☺️🙃😘


  2. Even when you write about the madness of the world you do it in a way that has light as well as shade.

    Those are some beautiful shots and you have every right to boast a little.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful photos and certainly put a smile on my face. The news has been horrendous of late and it has got to where I dread turning on the news, but this, this was lovely. Thank you. #fabfridaypost

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These pictures are beautiful. And yes, it’s hard listening to the news and thinking this is the world we are leaving our children… very sad. Sometimes we need to stop and think of the positives and be thankful


    1. Thank you Elena! I often read my kids the book, Zen Shorts, with the Panda Stillwater, who speaks of bhuddist teachings. Good luck and bad luck are intertwined and I keep my glass half full, never half empty. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Mwah!


  5. Aww… what a lovely post. I love Gatsby. He seem like the core of the house. Everybody loves him. I do also love your Mrs photographs. They are amazing! I am following her now! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing your lovely post with us again on #FabFridayPost Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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