How to be active while in pain

REBLOG: Ms. Mango, of has nailed this topic, so no need for me to reinvent the wheel. If you or someone you love lives with chronic pain, you’ll want to read this. TY Ms. Mango! M’wah!

Gain Through The Pain

I want to start by saying I am not a medical professional or sports therapist. I’m someone who has suffered from a variety of chronic conditions that cause pain and discomfort for years. I’ve found what works for me, I’ve learnt a lot of tricks along the way and happy to say I’ve been lucky enough to watch some of the people around me learn to be more active despite their own physical struggles (I must say, the AMAZING effect it has had on their mental state and their quality of life).

Any fitness, activity or lifestyle change should be brought to the attention of your doctor before you commit. Each individuals illnesses and conditions are vastly different and effect them in different ways so what works and is safe for someone may not be safe and healthy for another. Please do not take anything I say as a be…

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