Loose tooth, Lost wallet, Lots of drama

Big, Little and the Mrs. Photo credit: @willowandsage1 on IG (my Mrs.)
Big, Little and the Mrs. Photo credit: @willowandsage1 on IG (my Mrs.)

This week, oy vey, has been kurtser prolog tsu a lange drame (a short prologue to a long drama). Did I mention it’s only Thursday, in the very early, dark hours of morning? So far, we have had too many fits of tsuris (troubles and woes). Here, I share only two of them… I’m certain the others will find their way to you soon.

  1. My Big, oh how I love this madelah (sweet little girl), such a tender, sensitive soul, just like my Mrs. The other day, she realizes with some excitement, that another tooth in front has become wiggly, jiggly. The top two have been missing since early spring and maybe, just maybe, one of them is budding through the surface. The very small chiclet just next to the gaping hole, it teeters just a bissel (little). In my classic ‘glass half full’ style, I talk about readying for the pending tooth fairy visit. I even channel grandpa from Hotel Transylvania 2, and comment how she is a “late-fanger, just like Dennisovich.” My Little, she laughs. Big, she becomes nervous and taken in by the pain that may occur at some point, may not. The tears, they pour like a river. The moans, academy award winning whimpers these are! And mittendrinnen (just in the middle), we are struggling through making our best effort at dinnertime (see post about mealtime).
My Big, with the gaping whole...
My Big, in happier times with the gaping hole…

The Mrs. and I, we attempt to soothe the suffering with little success. The food hurts. The water hurts. The tongue in her mouth hurts. Little, she offers up an ice pack to chew on. I whisper to the Mrs., “I think for this one, I should get the crutches, nu?” After the piercing screams of anguish dust settles, she eats. We eat. And that Little, she whispers to us both, “Try not to remind her about her tooth tonight.”

Wink, wink, nod.

Matt and Brooke, who live right below us here at the Manor, please accept this blog post as an open apology for the noise. We feel your pain too!

My Little, a sweet little jokester
My Little, a sweet little jokester madelah!
  1. Next up, Wednesday morning at work, I get a frantic call from the Mrs. She has lost her wallet. Have I seen it? Please note: I am not at all alarmed at this point. My Mrs., she misplaces things. Her iPhone, her keys, her credit card. It is not her fault. There is a genetic marker on her very DNA strand, aligned with both her mother and her sister – a truly unfair predisposition to the mis-placement of important items. Latin name, vitalgoneastrayitis. They suffer.

We retrace her steps. Together, we realize she has not reached for her wallet since Sunday. Three days ago. This news makes my inner frugalista do the happy dance at work, right in the conference room a little bit happy. That is a big mitziah (huge honking deal). After she and the kinder (kids) toss the house like the feds searching for Hillary’s emails and come up empty, we talk again. We narrow it down to the only two places on earth it must be: The movies or the diner. Now, I am staying very calm, while visualizing the process of recovering our soon to be, or already stolen identities. Poor schleps (fools), when they realize who they are stealing from, oy vey. Pick someone a little more moneyed, wontcha? Little, in the midst of the madness, gets all of her hard earned gelt (cash), and offers it to a very upset Mrs. These kids are just too sweet for words. Such nachas (joy) they give me.

She calls the diner, gornischt (nothing). Simultaneously, I am preparing a gentle and composed catalogue of all the places, people and institutions she will need to call in order to make this right in the world, within the next 5 to seven minutes. She dials the Plymouth Meeting AMC Mega-Metro Movie theatre, where we saw Pete’s Dragon (such a wonderful movie!). Would you believe, she finds a person, not a recording? She asks, they answer (cue the band). Whoever cleaned the theatre after the 3:30 pm show, found her wallet, fully intact, and placed it in the lost-and-found. A real mensch (truly a good-hearted person) in the midst! We are sending a gift once we find the name of our hero!

Oy, how I can go on… But for now, let’s all rest easy knowing all is temporarily in good stead. A bei gezunt (may health be with you)!


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44 thoughts on “Loose tooth, Lost wallet, Lots of drama

  1. I feel your pain with the wobbly tooth. My oldest could win an oscar for some of his wobbly tooth performances! Great news about finding the wallet, good to know there are still some good people out there.

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  2. My ex husband to be is terrible at losing things! I didn’t know it had a name. he loses something every single day and gets really upset about it. It’s great that someone found your daughter’s wallet 🙂 x #mg

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  3. a misplaced or lost wallet always sends me into stressed mode!! So glad it ended well. My poor best friend suffers tooth drama with her daughter, it is not easy on anyone lol #mg

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  4. Wow I can only imagine the relief when you found out that the wallet had been handed in? It’s so touching to know that there are still good people out there in the world. Thanks for sharing with #fartglitter x

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  5. Hi Lisa,
    That IS Tsuris! My husband put an alarm on my keys in case I lose them. I click the clicker and my keys make a noise! Cool!
    Thanks for bringing your post to Blogger’s Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

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  6. This is great! I know how annoying it must be when you lose your thing – yes – ie. my phone in the Turtle Temple. Haha Anyway, glad Mrs found her wallet! & Little is so very cute to give al her money to her. Wish that my kids do that too. Haha Big looks very happy toothless – the new ones will grow beautifully. 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up with us again on #FabFridayPost. I love your post. xx

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  7. I lost my card recently, never found it. To my luck I called the bank and cancelled it in time before anyone used it – I was so stressed out. We were out at the weekend and found a purse with money and keys inside, we handed it in straight away but I’m sure many wouldn’t have. Glad all worked out ok in the end – your girls sound so sweet! #stayclassymama

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  8. How absolutely heart warming that somebody handed the wallet in fully intact!! There’s hope for humanity yet! What a relief that must’ve been for you. And the teeth… Eeeek!! We are still growing teeth in our household, and that’s a ridiculous drama, so I can just imagine the high jinx when the time comes for losing them…!! Another lovely and entertaining post! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

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  9. How great that the wallet was actually found and saved! & do sweet of your Little to offer her money! Meanwhile, I am giggling at vitalgoneastrayitis – I know sufferers!

    Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time.

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  11. Holy ca ca woman! I think I need a glass of wine just reading this…maybe a shot of tequila! So glad you found the wallet though… I would have been in a complete panic! And what a Good Samaritan who turned it in. Puts a little faith back into humanity. Thanks so much for linking with #momsterslink.

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