The Rule of Kind

teeny, tiny terrorists disguised as dainty, delightful maidelehs (sweet little girls)
Do not be taken in by the glitter and glee. These are cute, covert, teeny, tiny terrorists disguised as dainty, delightful maidelehs (sweet little girls) that rob us of our sanity ❤

By midsummer, things were getting a bit unsteady around the Manor. When I’d get home from work, the Mrs., she would have ‘the look.’ You know the one. It’s mostly in the eyes, but her face, oy vey; it gets so ashen and screams of defeat. It’s as if her pupils’ turn into little waving white flags, I give! Uncle! Calgon, take me away!” (Note: if you are not living life as a baby boomer, Calgon was marketed to females only as the answer to life’s woes in the form of a bubble bath). It’s a strong tell for me that the Littles had spent yet another day as tiny behavioral terrorists, ignoring all forms of vocal messaging from the mother ship until things got bat-shit crazy. Tears have fallen from all six eyes, Gatsby hides under the bed, and then, only then, do apologies abound from two miniature mouths.

Life without the chaos routine of school and all it’s afternoon extracurricular activities was affecting us all. The Mrs. and me, we needed to lay down the law. While not outnumbered, and still holding a slight edge in altitude, we needed some household rules. Over dinner, a purely shpilkes (anxiety, ants in the pants kind of feeling) producing activity referred to in a past post, I broached the topic of developing martial law some guidelines to help us all through sanity our cohabitation. I needed ‘buy in’ fast, so I said to Little and Big, as I made those eyes to the Mrs., you know the ones that say please, please, please… just go with me on this, “You two get to set the rules on how we are going to get along. Mommy and Ema need your help.” I begged, “Think about it now and let’s discuss how this is going to work.” And the Littles, they spoke, excitedly:

  • Always listen to Mommy and Ema
  • Don’t interrupt when anyone is talking
  • Clean up after we play
  • Answer your questions and look at you in the eyes
  • Clean our room after our friends come over or we made a mess
  • Don’t hurt Gatsby, or pull his tail, or poke him or yank his ears or put our hands in his mouth
  • No kicking or hitting or spitting
  • Share more and don’t say ‘mine’
  • No screaming because we have neighbors
  • Don’t jump on the sofa
  • Say I’m sorry like we mean it
  • When Mommy and Ema say it’s bedtime, we have to get ready for bed

They do listen. They just don’t do. We both applauded their thoughtfulness and went about our evening foolishly thinking, we rocked this! And then two minutes later… not so much.

I sadly looked over all of our house rules, and then came up with an idea. At the next meal (Jews, we always have to eat while doing important things, or at least talk about where we will next eat, or what we just ate), I bring it up:

All of the rules we discussed are wonderful and I think there are too many to remember? Why don’t we start with just one rule?

  1. Be kind

And don’t you know, about two weeks in, we are living life so much better, with two simple words…

Even with this killer watch dog, those thugs came after us!
Even with this killer watch dog, those thugs came after us!

Now, mittendrinnen (in the middle of) this mishegas (craziness), my Mrs., she loses both her credit card and her bankcard. Now, was it not just two weeks ago when I shared with you the struggles of the missing wallet? Oy vey (sheesh). In a freakish, ominous ‘take 2’ moment, we found ourselves at the same movie theatre, to see the same movie, Pete’s Dragon. This time, the hooligans who found her goods were not as nice as the previous Good Samaritan. They bee-lined it to Best Buy and did some substantial ‘best-buying.’ Over $2000 worth… enough damage to give us our own detective!

We are now without a credit card or cash and are fighting fraud. Our frugalista status has reached a record new low. The Mrs., she is distraught in a new way. I remember it is not her fault.

There is a genetic marker on her very DNA strand, aligned with both her mother and her sister – a truly unfair predisposition to the mis-placement of important items. Latin name, ‘vitalgoneastrayitis.’ They suffer.

Me, I thankfully also remember our house rule, be kind.

A shtikel mazel iz vert merer vi a ton gold. A little bit of luck is better than a ton of gold.












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57 thoughts on “The Rule of Kind

  1. Haha I can relate to this! I mutter “be kind”, getting increasingly louder, most days at the moment. Nearly time for the lovelies to go back. Although I will miss them when they do. We can’t win! Thanks for linking up with us at #FridayFrolics

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    1. Words to live by. I was very happy for our rule and was very kind in coping. We are still waiting for new cards to arrive. Suffice to say, we managed to live off of change in the cushions, cars, and pockets! #frugalbyforce #stayclassumama

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  2. Imagine a world where everyone follows the “Be Kind” rule? What an amazing place that would be.
    All the best, Lisa, and remember, amid the chaos is wonder. 🙂
    Dropped by from #BloggersPitStop and #FridayFrivolity – such brilliant blogging goldmines!
    Off to share this so others can try to follow the rule. 😉
    Hope this weekend is kind to you.

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  3. Oh! No! I don’t believe they girls would hurt Gatsby would they? 😉 I think Be Kind is a great way forward. My Ethan was so getting on my nerves the last week of the holiday. Sometime, I just want to lock myself in a cupboard! lol! I’m so sorry to hear about the lost of the wallet again. I hope you will catch the fraudster. 😦 Sending you lots of love to Gatsby, the girls and your lovely Mrs. xxx Thank you for sharing on #FabFridayPost

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    1. Ty Su. It’s never intentional, they just push the limits of a puppy. We actually have a detective assigned to the case–that’s how much they went to town on the Visa card! Oy. Always accepting hugs! Loving #FabFridayPost and all of the wonderful people you have introduced me to. Thank you 😘✨💓

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  4. I can totally relate to this…my kids sometimes can’t just follow house rules. However, when the rule is as simple as BE KIND, everything should fall into place. #mg

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  5. 🙂 Lisa, when my son was little, my mom would scold me for calling him a sweet little terrorist. He had the sweetest smile, too – and would look so kissy-faced it drove me nuts. Y our munchkins are adorable! The set of rules is fantastic! Oh yes, they listen, they just don’t do! Hehehe. So deja vu! I love your ONE rule – be kind. It is my mantra.

    By the way, isn’t it back to school time?

    Losing credit card/bank card is super scary.


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  6. I can imagine that Gatsby will be very much in favour of your new rules! (He really is beyond cute – I think I may be his biggest fan!) So sorry to hear about your second (not so pleasant) experience of wandering purse. The first time restored my faith in humanity. This time, not so much 😦 Hugs to all, Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

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  7. It is tricky to reign in the summer holiday shenanigans, and we certainly all went a little feral here. Be kind – is very good advice, I like what you’ve done there. Ps can’t believe how awful that fraud was – hope you get it sorted pronto xx

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  8. Oh goodness I can totally relate to the having been listened to but may or may not do as you say! Sounds like it continues through childhood. Sorry to hear about having to fight fraud. That is truly awful. #FartGlitter

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  9. oh no how terrible about the cards!!! Someone needs to teach them to ‘be kind’! On a happier note I am so in love with your dog! And even the name!!! Who would pull his tail, he is too cute! Ahh the joys of kids, one are on holidays in a week and a half. Only for 2 weeks though, so it will be lovely break (I hope), they usually get along great until I’m on the phone an then they start fighting! #mg

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  10. Oh bless your Mrs & her vitalgoneastrayitis! It’s horrible when wallets are actually missing – such a nightmare to sort out.

    I love the kids’ list, but I agree that a simple ‘be kind’ is so much easier to follow!

    Thanks so much for joining us on #Fridayfrolics. Hope to see you next time

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  11. I’m so awful with my stuff as well, I’m always losing my purse. So far it’s been returned each time intact after it’s little adventures, but I know I am very very lucky!! #chucklemums – thanks for linking up!

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  12. If only the world we live in lived by those two simple words. But for some, it’s just not in their DNA. So sorry to hear about the fraud. I had that happen to me once too and the credit card company made me feel like I was the criminal. It’s a real pain in the arse when you lose something and it gets in the hands of the wrong “unkind” person. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink.

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  13. Oh my, I have had a similar week, so I totally get it! But yes, BE KIND is a great rule!!! Pity about the wallet though, that would just annoy me to no end! Hope it gets sorted out soon! Thank you for linking up, hope to see you next week lovely! #globalblogging

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