Wordless Wednesdays: Last bits of Summer

The tire swing

Proud frog Mama

Eva and the Frog



Nona's things


School Shoes :)
School Shoes πŸ™‚

The Mrs. at Work

Morning drive

Oib di velt vet verren oisgelaizt, iz es nor in zechus fun kinder.Β If the world will ever be redeemed, it will be only through the merit of children.



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45 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesdays: Last bits of Summer

  1. Love, love, love. I saw tiny frogs for the first time when I visited my son’s college campus last month. At first, I wondered what those tiny things that jumped around were. I have shortsight… so when I looked real close, I was quite stunned. Well, I was more stunned when I saw 15 baby peacocks (peachicks?) on their basketball court… but that’s another story.

    I am marking Wednesdays in my calendar to head here. Gorgeous uplifting photos. Children. Sigh. Heart-stealers. Even when they’re other people’s β™₯

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