Wordless Wednesday: Play Children, Play!

Dedicated to beloved children's' book writer Anna Dewdney. Read a book to your kids today.
Dedicated to beloved children’s’ book writer, Anna Dewdney. Read a book to your kids today.
Look papa!
Look papa!
oh, I can do this!
Oh, Papa can do this!
Playing at tryouts
Playing at Nutcracker tryouts






23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Play Children, Play!

  1. Play is a right children have, and in fact, something they must never forget to do as they grow up. I love the little girls expression at the hairdresser’s! And Captain Awesome is just that! What a feeling to build something! Hugs to you, Lisa!

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    1. He is getting a divorce a trying so very hard to be a good daddy. He has nail polish and fancy hair stuff. He wanted the Mrs. To teach him about how to use a curling iron. Oh how we love him! 😘✨ #fabfridaypost


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