Auditions Today!

Nutcracker tryouts
Nutcracker try-outs

It’s September again; the stores, they started it first

Christmas, its here and now it’s time to rehearse

Find the nice tights, leotards; put buns in their hair

It’s Nutcracker tryouts — hurry, hurry, let’s prepare


Every Sunday from now, right up to those two special days

They’ll practice away in their sugarplum haze

We’ll leave other events early with a sigh or a pout

And arrive at the studio to grand jeté about


As the music is cranked our smiles quickly return

It’s Tchaikovsky we hear, so many new parts to be learned

The Littles and Bigs, they will dance with the Donetsk ballet

As they show the story of a girl, her gift and her dream in a magical way


My sweet little maidelahs making Yuletide traditions

Sharing steps with Ukrainian mavens, in Balanchine’s celebrated positions

A mouse and a cook for my Big this holiday season, My Little a polichinelle and a small doll

Two roles, two acts, and two costumes for each, making memories, having fun, above all


In theatre with stage sets that ‘wows’ every viewer, this Yiddisher momma, oy how I’ll kvell

Come one, come all, grab a seat and enjoy, such nachas can only make you feel well

The Holiday season is right smack dab on us; the emmes truth, we couldn’t be cheerier

Vas, like you have something better to do? Not when the Wissahicken Dance Academy is so superior!


A bei gezunt to all (You should all be healthy)!








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34 thoughts on “Auditions Today!

  1. Wow, that sounds like fun! I am looking forward to seeing photos of them striking a pose, Lisa! I’ll be right here through Thanksgiving and Christmas and after, to gently massage their little feet! Hugs! I love how you wrote in verse and imagined happy piano music!

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  2. Love! That’s so cute that they start preparing for dance performance so early. I remmber doing this when I was younger and I couldn’t wait until all of my friends could go and see me perform, I used to practice at home and make a little show out of it for my mom and brother lol, I’m sure they were sick of hearing nutcracker songs four months prior to Christmas. I hope to see some amazing ballerina photos! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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