Bedtime, in 4 hours or less

It somehow energizes them...
It somehow energizes them…

I know, you’ve been thinking, Lisala, it’s been so long since you shared your parenting perceptions and insights. Sure, a nice rant, a beautiful pic, sweet tender mishpocheh (family) moments. Today, we revisit bedtime. How on earth do you get the kinder to gai shluffin (the kids to go to sleep)? Well my readers, I offer you our thoughtful child rearing insights, in the form of a song. Hum along if you like, to the tune of Let It Be, you know, by the Beatles:


When I find myself in need of slumber

Trying to act sensibly

The whole world feels chaotic, fretfully

Retiring Big and Little takes too long

I doze off first expectantly

The kinder, they’re nocturnal, devilry

Empathy, empathy

Empathy, come and see

What, like our bed is the only bed on earth?

Their own room is so beautiful; come and see


I wake up to the sound of squealing,

Maidelahs have taken all control

The Mrs. voice is loudly fuming, testily

I muster up some words of wisdom

Pleading with veracity

Yet my babble is not in sentences, regrettably

Remedy, remedy

Remedy, eventually

We need a two bedroom like we need a luch in kop (hole in the head)?

They’ll sleep in their own bedroom, eventually


My Mrs., she chortles at my jabber

The kinder loudly laugh and giggle

Reveling in my senseless banter, splendidly

Minutes have slowly ticked to hours

Empty threats thrown about with leniency

We’re a helpless parent fail, professedly

Sleeplessly, sleeplessly

Sleeplessly, hopefully

Other kids go the fuck to sleep without such a gantseh megillah (long drawn out story)

Tomorrow night will be so much better, hopefully


Sleeplessly, sleeplessly

Sleeplessly, hopefully

Other kids go the fuck to sleep without such a gantseh megillah (long drawn out story)

Tomorrow night will be so much better, hopefully


Well, you know what they say:

Der shlof iz der bester dokter. Sleep is the best doctor.

Is there a doctor in the house? Oy vey iz mir.




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52 thoughts on “Bedtime, in 4 hours or less

  1. Ha ha ! Oh dear, good luck, I hope tonight will be better, perhaps a nice cuppa coco for the girls, and something stronger for the two of you! #mg


  2. I swear I sang it to the tune of Let it be, which is a song I love (After all, Beatles!) The photo looks right out of a fairy tale, Lisa! Hugs! Hehehe. To think I feel so far off from the bedtime saga! Considering I led by example by nodding off, I will always be amazed at how he would appear as though he just got an invisible shot of adrenalin!

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  3. *standing ovation* Amazing – and I’ll have this doing its earworm thing all day now – thanks for that! Loving the crossed out bits and wishing you a fabulous nights sleep… “When you’re 64” perhaps? Big bloggy hugs xx #chucklemums

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bwahahaha….LOVE this. I can read your blog on and on and on. I wish you a better night’s sleep tomorrow and I hope you won’t be sing “Here comes the Sun” too often. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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  5. Love this! My youngest is not a good sleeper. Last night she went to sleep, lying with me, but woke up every time I tried to put her in her own bed. Eventually went to sleep in her bed. Woke up an hour later. Eventually back to sleep in her bed. Up an hour later. Stayed with me rest of night!

    Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time.

    Liked by 1 person

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