She Loves Herself -Meret Boxler

After reading this post, I knew it had to be reblogged, here. Self love, body shaming, and how the world treats women today scares the shit crap out of these two moms with two maidelahs (sweet girls). They should never know from the things I personally struggled with in eating disorders and the need to become invisible. Please read this important piece, the first in a series from Charlie over at No little girl, young lady or woman of any age, anywhere should be self loathing about their beautiful bodies. Thank you Meret Boxler for your inspiring words. Please read on, and love and embrace who you are every day. ❤


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Welcome to the first of my new series ‘She Loves Herself’! I’m so excited to start this series of regular guest posts sticking two fingers up to the world of body shaming and sharing some love when it comes to our fabulous bodies – squidgy bits and all!!

Kicking off the series is the wonderful Meret Boxler who describes herself as Former national radio DJ, freelance journalist, writer, speaker, podcaster, recovering lifetime yoyo-dieter/exercise addict/compulsive eater, self-love establisher, body image improver, body positivity promoter, Health At Every Size (HAES) advocate, size-diversity acceptance promoter, weight-stigma and fat-phobia fighter, women uniter, big hearted human,cat lover, book worm and friend.” 

I mean could she be any more perfect for a debut guest post? She also writes in TWO languages, German being her first (yep, and I struggle to blog once a week in English!) Meret lives in Zurich, Switzerland and is a relatively new ‘discovery’…

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