POTUS, Shmotus, I’m Embarrassed

They deserve so many freedoms -- family equality among them
They deserve so many freedoms — family equality among them

This morning, I am typing as an exceedingly mortified, angry American. Not but five hours ago, did I sit with the Mrs. and witness one of the worst, most vitriolic attempts, at a town hall style presidential debate for the highest level of office in our country. Bizarre doesn’t begin to cover what continues to unwind before our very eyes.

As I write, I hear the same early morning noises. The family above me stirs about in their apartment. Streetcars blur by. A siren blares in the distance. The birds chirp as they plot and plan the day. A distant, “I love you” is heard across the parking lot as the waste truck winds it way through the route. Everything sounds the same, yet nothing is the same.

Our world changed last night. Not for the better. This election is a nightmare. We have lowered the bar in this country in a way that reality TV has trained the proverbial ‘us’ to accept. Whoever is elected in this next election will shape so much more than the next four years of our lives. They will hold the power to define the next generations to come. My kinder (children), your kinder, and our kinder’s kinder too.

My vote is not a vote of hate or divisiveness. I am voting because #BlackLivesMatter. I am voting against #Islamophobia. I am voting for religious freedoms. I am voting for #WomensRights, #LatinoRights, #LGBTrights, #MarriageEquality, #DisabilitiesMatter. My vote is for closing the loopholes on guns and creating better background checks. I am voting for health care that rightfully includes mental health. These are just words folks; words drenched in meaning, not empty rhetoric. Words attached to people and lives that matter.

What did I learn last night?

  1. A mentshn derkent men in zayn redn. (A person is recognized by his speech.)
  1. A kluger vaist vos er zogt; a nar zogt vos er vaist. (A wise man knows what he says; a fool says what he knows.)
  1. Vi ainer iz tsu ziben, azoi iz er tsu zibetsik. (As one is at seven, so is he at seventy.)

Maya Angelou said it best when she said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

He has shown us time and time again. Say NO to the bully.





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52 thoughts on “POTUS, Shmotus, I’m Embarrassed

  1. I think you voiced the thoughts of the majority at this moment, Lisa. The world is stunned, and then disgusted that the bully can be a contender for the highest level job in the country. Very very sad state of affairs. It would be unbelievable if it were fiction, except, it is not. It is terrifying reality.

    May good sense prevail! I mean. Whither democracy? Or is it democrazy?


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  2. I agree with Maya! It is scary how the elections are going but I will not comment much on this but I do know the whole world has her eyes on America these next few weeks. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink


    1. Maya is so beautiful and makes it all seem so easy. Thanks El. I just don’t woant the whole world to be laughing at as (yet they could/shoud) and we tank for generations to come. #BigPinkLink xoxo


  3. The majority of your decisiveness is the same as mine, and looking at the words being said at debates, just seem to echo around inside my head. I too look at LGBT, Women’s rights, marriage equality, as well as ADA enforcement, seeing life from a wheelchair has made that last one an important one. I just wish that the candidates would put out a list of viable changes they want to make, or not. It would make voting a little more precise on my part. Take the name-calling and finger-pointing, and just set them aside, and talk realistic. All that time spent on TV, could be better spent on a well laid-out plan that voters who are less knowledgeable about what the candidates stance on important issues really is.


      1. Any put-down of ADA is like a stab in the back. I don’t know why buildings like McDonalds or Subway, for example, that have been newly built, but still don’t have automatic doors. I broke a part off my scooter one day going into McDonalds. I got stuck in the doorway, trying to get in before the door closed on me. Now the building I live in, was built in the late 1980′, but both doors at the main entrance, open with a push of a button, or a key in the lock on the wall for the inner door. 😦


  4. We are watching intensely from this side of the pond. You’re so right in that events to come will be pivotal for the future of our kinder. Visiting today from #MG xx


  5. Yup, I’m embarrassed too. As an American living in the UK, people are constantly looking for me to explain what’s happening with Donald Trump…and I can’t. However, I’m comforted by the fact that there are so many people who think he’s deplorable and are standing up against his sexist, racist and generally insane statements. #ablogginggoodtime

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  6. I really hope this is how most Americans feel! As a past victim of sexual abuse it makes me sick that he is in this position, I am confused to say the least! #mg


    1. I’m feeling fairly confident know that he will lose will all of the disgusting machismo and sexual assault… But how on earth did we get here and how do we recover! He is inspiring violence and divisiveness…Oy. Thanks Sarah for commenting and visiting. xoxo


  7. I think America is reeling from shock at how this individual managed to get this far in this race. People are walking on eggshells at the moment. I agree with Petite Pudding. The world is holding it’s breath! I wish people would pull the cover from their eyes? Thanks for linking up, hope to see you next week! #GlobalBlogging

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    1. We are all holding our breath, and being watched globally. I can see why many countries would prefer a racist oaf at the helm, but I fear this Kardashien Culture has gotten way out of hand. Thanks so much for #GlobalBlogging! What a great idea for a linky! M’wah!

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  8. Nice post. Trump is an absolute knob head. How a racist sexist Bigot of a man could get this far is a wonder to me. Hope America sees through him and Hilary will come out on top #Globalblogging

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    1. If only everyone thought like us! He should be in jail for sexual assault. He is insoiring violence. Where did we go wrong? Thanks so much for your visit and your comments. May we be the majority! #GlobalBlogging


  9. Embarrassed, enraged, horrified! Even more so at the people who follow him, the women who have defended him and what our country is turning into. From the outside I wonder if others view this once great country who opened it arms to so many as a place that values noone. #bigpinklink


    1. I find the women that follow him to be the very worst. Anyone who has a uterus, loves someone with a uterus, once had a uterus…he should be arrested for sexual assault! How long until his trophy wife leaves him in the dust. I am scared for our country. Thanks for your voice and comments today! #bigpinklink

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  10. Oh god I don’t want to know what happened. I have been watching the debates on catch up so far have only seen one, I’m assuming this one didn’t go too well. I am voting for all the same issues you are voting for, I hope we have someone that will fight for us. Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!


  11. Only in the US you can see so many things like that when it’s about elections. Really, it’s not like you have much choice…. I know that a lot of people are going to hate me for saying that, but Hillary Clinton is not the person to vote for! Has anyone heard about WikiLeaks!? She is one of the most corrupts politicians I have seen. What she stands for is a lie!!!! I am not saying to vote for Trump but please , she is evil… #GlobalBlogging


    1. We have to remember that anyone in the world can enter and edit a wiki page. Yes, she has her faults, and they are big. But he is a narcissistic, mysogynistic, bigoted hater of too many. I don’t knwo how our country can heal after this mess. I worry frenchie mummy!

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  12. Jeez, you are so right. I’m English, this isn’t my election but we are really focused on it over here – because its not just about America, it is about all of us. What America chooses wont just impact Americans it will have a far more reaching effect. And I completely agree with you about it being a nightmare, because the right and wrong are not absolutes in this instance. Trump is horrendous, so Clinton becomes the lesser of two evils but not the ‘right’ choice surely? But what else can you do? The debates are absolute pantomime, I watched the latest one and its laughable – we have a similar thing in the UK but far more reserved although no doubt it will escalate to this reality TV type scenario. I wish you well, but its weird how America can go from Obama to this #stayclassymama


    1. Thanks Sarah for your comments. Obama and his family are so authentic and genuine. Beautiful people. Really what we and this country are about. This election can have implications for decades, even generations with the supreme court held hostage. I hope we can all heal from this, after this. I believe he has handed it over now, but it will still be ugly. Oy vey! Thanks #Stayclassymama


  13. I agree and it’s playing out on the world stage and social media. None of the candidates are any good. Been in got threatened. Politics is so corrupt as to be blatant. Democracy has been superceded behind closed doors by corporations and the controlling elite in the name of murder, human rights abuses, disgusting laws and tyranny. Just surround yourself with like minded people, attempt to go off grid as much as possible and grow your own food


  14. Great piece!
    We watch from a far and it just doesn’t make sense how he’s gotten this far or how he continued to gain so much momentum. Here’s hoping foe the best result in the end for America. Because, honestly, in the end it becomes everyone’s problem if he does.

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  15. I can not imagine what it is like right now being an American on this current affairs. I can’t even believe we are Brexit! God help the Queen! God help us all of T becomes the President of United State! Yaks! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost


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