The first Tuesday after the first Monday…

Vote on Tuesday, everyone, please!
Vote on Tuesday, everyone, please!

Du zalst nisht bu, Shtimen! Don’t boo, Vote!

I share the sentiment of the quote above, by President Barack Hussein Obama. I can only hope that everyone of voting age here in the US, living abroad, or via absentee ballot, exercises their civic duty and votes on Tuesday, November 8th, if not before. We have a democracy, so dammit, go out and vote!

There are many more of you than I’d like to admit, that I staunchly disagree with in your choice of nominees. That gives me great shpilkis (stomach upset, jittery) as we approach the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, election day.

What I do know is that I am sick and tired of hearing about the lies of crooked Hillary. I am sick of the Donald getting a free ride in the media, even after the famed, “I grab them by the pussy” tapes and the uprising of victims saying, “uh, Yeah! He does!”

I am so exhausted by the Wikileaks emails from famed ‘nasty woman’ Hillary? Have you read any of them? I hope you are sitting down, because this stuff is hard to take in:

  • She was eager desperate to help a 10-year old girl from Yemen who managed to get a divorce (she was fucking 10 years old) have a better life, get to the US, attend school and seek counseling
  • She was finding ways to help dying patients get faster medical care, food and water in Haiti after the terrible earthquakes
  • She wanted to put a stop to child trafficking in Haiti
  • She worried about the closing of a home for abused boys in Illinois
  • She planned her daughter’s wedding

She was checked, examined, poked, prodded and cleared — unable to indict of any wrong doing. FBI case closed.

Now because of yet another misogynistic texting perv, Anthony Weiner (duly named), she comes under fire and examination yet again, causing a spiraling fall in the polls. The emails in question belong to close Clinton staffer of decades, Huma Abedin, and her estranged, very strange hubby. Emails were found on the laptop and iPad of Weiner. I sure hope they washed their hands after picking up those bits of technology! This new FBI action comes with no evidence of any wrongdoing by Hillary, or even a single connection. Comey, the FBI double-naught spy in question said, “They appear to be pertinent.” He said this without ANY examination at all of said emails. With four days until the election, it still remains unclear if these alleged emails found have anything to do with Hillary and if there is enough antibacterial soap to help those who handled them.

Yesterday, Melania Trump stumped in mainline Berwyn, PA. Wearing a very tight, pink blouse, she spoke eloquently to a room filled with Trump supporters, mostly men clad in red Trump hats. She spoke out against bullying. For real! She did. Bullying. Alanis, please add this to your song about irony. This epitomizes irony! Her hubby, the Donald, is the most infamous bully of our time.

Perhaps Melania doesn’t know her hubby very well. Perhaps he has moved on to a younger, more cleavaged immigrant and this has caused her to forget his xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, anti-disabled, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, anti-Black, anti-Latino, anti-Mexican, pro-violence, and lying, cheating flip-flopping ways.

And while the world is immersed in the email scandals, lest we forget Trump’s:

  • Fraud scandal at Trump University
  • Declaration of bankruptcy 6 times
  • Rape case of a minor pending in federal court
  • 75 open pending lawsuits against him and his businesses
  • Trump Foundation activity
  • Inability to show us his tax returns
  • Ties to the Kremlin

Those of you dumb enough wasting your vote on the Green Party, did you know they just endorsed Trump? So even before, when we told you a vote for Green was a vote for Trump, now there is direct proof.

Which brings us to Tuesday, one of the single most volatile days for our country. A day that will truly go down in infamy. A day I fear. If you care about women, equal rights, healthcare, marriage equality, global warming, black lives matter, religious freedoms, the Supreme Court, any of the freedoms we have won over the last 8 years, and the generations to follow in our footsteps, please choose Hillary. Even if you don’t like her.

Please don’t fall for that reality show dolt who basically, day in and day out: Du kanst nicht oif meinem fus pishen und mir sagen klass es regen ist. He pees on your foot and tells you it’s raining.

What’s worse? Too many of you believe him.

Big, Little and the Mrs. Photo credit: @willowandsage1 on IG (my Mrs.)
Please help me protect my mishpocheh (family) Big, Little and the Mrs.   Photo credit: @willowandsage1 on IG (my Mrs.)

And my last plea before I enter the polls on Tuesday is this: If you care about my family, The Mrs., me, Little and Big, please vote for Hillary. I am one proud, nasty woman who applauds the pant suit crowd and will happily pull the lever for our first ever, incredibly qualified, woman president. 










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49 thoughts on “The first Tuesday after the first Monday…

      1. It’s feeling much better today! I have confidence that this will soon be behind us and that Mr. T goes off on an island and never speaks a word in the public eye again. Fingers crossed for the whole world! Thanks Catie! xoxoxo


  1. It is so scary that America is even in this position and that Trump has got this far. I can’t get my head round it. Really scary. I hope the whole of America gets out there and gets voting! I will have my fingers crossed for everyone in America #FridayFrolics

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the love and support (and fear) from around the globe. It’s so nuts! I voted this am and remaining hopeful. Thank you and hopefully, our first woman president will happen today! History in the making! #FridayFrolics xoxox


  2. This election has scarred my soul. Frankly, I think it’s scarred the country and I fear that no matter who wins next week, we have years of recovery in front of us. Each side is going to think the other side won through nefarious means and I’m worried we will be a divided country for years. My greatest hope is to be proven wrong.

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  3. Gosh it must be so worrying for you all over in the US right now. We only hear about half of it here in the UK but what I have heard about Trump makes me feel physically sick. I have everything crossed that Clinton gets in. Thank you for linking to #momsterslink

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’m British (living in the Mediterranean last 11 years). I don’t think there’s been an American election that has gripped British/international citizens as much as this one. And for all the wrong reasons. I actually don’t think I can bear to come out from under my bed covers 8th November and I’ll be too scared to switch on my phone/TV/radio. At this point I honestly don’t know if your country will do the ‘right thing’ that fateful day.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Very well said. I pray for your country I hope it doesn’t turn out like us – the Brexit! Oh dear! Help us all! My biggest surprised of all was Giuliani. OMG! How could he work for the Devil! So sad! What a shame! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost I really do hope Hillary wins so the would shut Trump up for good! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome, powerful post! I watch from a distance and all I know is that Trump is a horrible man! As a woman who has suffered terrible violence and sexual abuse from a male it makes me sick that any man or woman could vote for him! #mg

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find Mac, that the women that support him sicken me more than the men who do the same. I just hope that his followers can play nice with others when Hillary makes history today! Thanks for all of your help and support my friend! #mg xoxoxo


  7. I still don’t understand how on earth the Trumpetry has such so much followers! What are they expecting from a man who smells of trouble all the time. I wish Hillary wins. Happy voting today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Beth! I saved you from spam and thank you for your vote of support! We need it! I waited in line :55 minutes to vote today and I am thrilled at that! I hope that is only positive! #bigpinklink xoxo


  8. Bet you’ll be so glad when this is over – dependent on how it goes, of course. This year has been so rough politically in the US and the UK! #bigpinklink

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is. I am feeling hopeful after waiting :55 minutes to vote this am. That has never happened in all my years of voting! I hope is a huge crush and orange man has to go back to celebrity apprentice… Thanks for your support! These are trying times for all of us! #BigPinkLink xoxo


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    1. WOW! At least something to be happy about today! Thanks so very much for your pick. This has been the most difficult election I have ever had to go through…and today feels like a day in mourning. We are grieving the loss, and are trying to reassure the kinder that they will be safe. I’m sure to write more about this…Thanks so much for this honor! #StayClassyMama


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    1. Thank you so much for your support both before and after this horrendous election season. Activate our peaceful inner activists and we need to get the world back to healing and balance. #FabFridayPost


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