For richer or poorer…

Our bubbelah's (sweethearts)
Our bubbelah’s (sweethearts)

In December, on the very day that follows jolly ol’ St. Nick, traipsing (trudging) soot through the Manor, schlepping (hauling) holiday gifts aplenty, the Mrs. and me, we will be legally married for three years. We’ve been together for just shy of 19 years. There was a bit of lag-time before the Supremes sang out to the world that we are in fact, equal. That our love counts too. Hey, that it happened in my lifetime! Pthui, pthui, pthui… So what, our engagement was long (16 years), and we had a couple of kinder (kids) out-of-wedlock. Nu?

Now, like all of you, we live through sickness and health, for richer or poorer… And what I have learned is that ‘poorer’ carries so much more in definition. Oy vey iz mir (Woe is me)… Poorer doesn’t always refer to insufficient bank funds. Sure we are shy of green and becoming quite the frugalista’s. We are actually quite rich in our poverty! Let me tell you three ways how:

Sleep. They say, a nacht on shlof iz di gresteh shtrof (a sleepless night is the worst punishment). Well, how about 3,285 of them! Yes, our kinder (kids), sweet shana madelahs (little girls) that they are, they lack the skillset to gai shluffin (sleep) like normal children without us mommas in tow. Often times, as we try our best to lull them to slumber, you can hear either the Mrs. or me mumble under our breath, “FCKITY F#CK FCK, will you please just go the F%CK to SLEEP!”

This is a far-reaching problem. It means neither sitter, grandparent, family member, sleep doula, nor even Mary Poppins herself, can lay them down for the necessary night’s worth of zzzz’s. Co-sleeping wee-sized infants have grown into co-sleeping small humans. They stand tall as trees, long limbs kicking, elbowing and stealing our snuggly quilt nightly. Our oversize king mattress, well not so much.

Our sleep bank and our cash bank look all too similar. Oy.

Yes, I co-sleep in their bed too.
Yes, I co-sleep in their bed too.

Kid-free zone. I’m talking about ‘alone time.’ Adult time. For schmoozing (talking), to catching up, binge watching Grace and Frankie or Orange is the New Black while spooning on the sofa. Even having actual time to talk about our dear kinder with each other. Taking in ‘a nice meal’ together, when we are both showered, dressed like we put in some sort of effort in the game, and totally tantrum free.

Thankfully, the Mrs. and me, we have some truly remarkable friends who have recognized our severe insufficiency in the kinder-free’ zone and have started with sleepovers. Big, she loves the sleepover, and Little, well, she is trying the best she can. We are not quite there. Last night’s pick-up (mid- Downton Abbey, season 6, episode 3), and todays screeching fits, outbursts and hysterics are proof.

Time. Not great bits of it mind you, but an occasional late slumber, where my body awakens because it’s met some sort of natural and healthful internal quota. Grabbing a shower without a cutie little punim (face) opening the curtain and asking, ‘do I know where her shoes are,’ or, ‘do you have any money.’  Uninterrupted time to poop, alone. Yes, I said it. That would be f#cking amazing.

So my Mrs., as we tackle the richness of poverty in our lives, please know we are in it together, for now and forever. That alone brings me such nachas (joy, pleasure), no gelt (money) can ever buy. I love you my sweet. And those kinder, kaynahorah (warding off the evil eye), they are happy, healthy, wonderful, meshuggeneh (crazy) girls.

Wow, I am rich.

Hnah lebn. Das iz nit a kleyd repetitsye. Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal.





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47 thoughts on “For richer or poorer…

  1. Ah a lovely post and I feel your pain, I totally get the feeling richer than material wealth especially at this time of year. Love and best wishes to you and your Mrs for a fabulous anniversary xx #mg

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  2. we may not have a lot of money, we are rich in other ways—that’s our belief at my house anyhow! We don’t have a bunch cash for dates and babysitters, fancy dinners, or expensive items over here, but I’m ok with that, I’m rich in ways that will last a lifetime. Love this post! #globalblogging

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  3. Your girls are gorgeous! Oh my I giggled when I read “Our sleep bank and our cash bank look all too similar” … I feel you on that one!!! But yes, we are rich with so much more than “green”, Lovely post!!..x #globalblogging

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  4. They should put that in the vows, for richer, for poorer, in sleeplessness and in the bathroom, when your children neeeeeeeeeed to speak to you through the door as you pee. Congratulations (early I know), it will be ours in March I can’t begin to wonder how the time passed so quickly. This is a lovely post, especially at this time of year when there’s so much pressure on us to spend spend spend, it’s not actually ALL about the money! #FridayFrolics

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  5. Oh I feel you here! And I love that your little cutie doggie wants to co sleep too! Holly-Rose now sleeps with Aspen, lucky she’s not a big dog! It is hard to get alone time, Adam isn’t ready for sleep overs yet, he has slept at my brothers once,a neat a friend of mine but his sisters were there too. Still I ma not in a rush, but to watch a grown up show without passing it every minute would be a real treat! #mg

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  6. Aww… this is so sweet. I wish my OH would be as sweet as you! lol! I hadn’t had a tantrum free time since Ethan’s arrival. That is almost 6 years now… I am so sad! lol! Congratulations! & Happy Anniversary to both of you sweethearts! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful post with us on #FabFridayPost xx

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  7. Love this! Time to poop hahah so true. I don’t know the full drama of this (yet) but when my partner isn’t home I have to bring the little one with me, not my finest moment lol. The time to be alone just in general would be looooovely ; ), thanks for the laugh and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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  8. How lovely! So true: it is possible to be rich or poor in so many different ways. And having someone to share both with means I much. Happy anniversary to you both! x Thanks so much for joining us for #FrudayFrolics

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