A pertinent anthem to play as you read along. Thank you Helen Reddy. I needed you today. Oh, and Mr. Orange-Elect, I am woman! You are going to have to deal with that!


I am woman, hear my voice

I’m not giving you much choice

Mr. Orange, I will make you understand

‘Cause you’ve said some nasty stuff

And you can’t shut up enough

You’re a narcissistic, evil preaching man


Oh yes, I am shrewd

And there’s many more like me

We all know you are lewd

We know just who we see

If we have to, we can make your life hell

We can march


We can protest your hate

(Protest your hate)

We are women


I am Jewish, hear me now

And I never will allow

Your alt-right lovin’ staff appointees to succeed

“Cause we’ve seen this all before

We’ll not back down or ignore

Your swampy tycoon cabinet, it will just recede


Oh yes we are smart

By the millions you will see

We will not tolerate hate

Or a Muslim registry

If we have to, we will make your life hell

We can march


We will protest your laws

(Protest your laws)

We are women


I am lesbian, proud and strong

Married with children, can’t be wrong

And you can’t take that from anyone, not me

‘Cause we earned our rights today

By the Supremes, we’re out, we’re gay

Mr. Orange-elect, we will not be your prey


Oh yes, we are LGBT

And you know someone like me

We will not let you steal our beautiful families

if we have to we will face anything

We are strong


We have equality


We are women


I am woman

I am invincible

I am Jewish

I am invincible

I am Lesbian

I am invincible

We are Women








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83 thoughts on “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR

    1. Thanks so much! I sure hope so, and I need women all over and in the US to sing along! TO ROAR! Thanks so much for sharing, and providing me space to, well ROAR when I need to! #eatsleepblogRT xoxo


  1. Lisa I think we could do this. Gather up some women- friends and allies – each gets a few lines, records, sends it back to you. Figure out how to edit them together and done. It could be ah-mazing. I’ll do it. I bet ya Heather Keet and Lola the Bulldog would do it too! We can always reach out to Nathalie Laitmon at Suburban Misfit Mom- there are a LOOOOOT of great fun writers at that publication.

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  3. OK, so when I first read this, I was trying to sing it to Katy Perry 🙂 LOL.. Thanks to Google I got to figure out to Helen Reddy was … hahahaha … Great song, great post! So pleased you were featured on #globalblogging … xoxox


      1. I’m figuring that out. My guess is we each film ourselves, or ourselves with others singing the song I wrote. I get a Dropbox for us all to share. And then I splice something together with everyone. Women everywhere! Amazing to think about.

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    1. M’wah! What if I start and sing on video, open a dropbox folder to share and then you add yours, and we get the others who have agreed to join in the fun. Then I can play splice and dice and get us something powerful? Do you think it will work? I am really excited by your idea! Thanks for the RT too #coolmumsclub ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Looooooove. We are half the population, there is no way Trump can turn back time on us. I know we’ll all pull together and march if he tries. It’s been a crazy few months for the U.S., I’m truly hoping for the best. I would like to eventually move back there one day! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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  5. I’m singing with you. Loudly! Shame it’s not tunefully as well 😉 Straight, Christian, Middle Class Mum from the UK Home Countries doesn’t like Mr Trump much either! (Actually, as a slogan, it lacks something!) Such a brilliant post 🙂


    1. Actually, I am putting together a vocal/video version and you can play along and be a part of it if you are interested? Just let me know. The more the merrier! And thank you so much for your kind words. Sing it loud! xoxo


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