The sun shines on everyone for free.


Less is more.

Less stuff, please

Spend less, how?

Do it…

Memories mean more.


Clean out, share. Give.

De-clutter, free the brain.

Start anew. Now. Today.

Happiness is there for the taking.


Not really much more to say.


The sun shines on everyone for free. Di zun shaynt far itekhn umzist.






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45 thoughts on “The sun shines on everyone for free.

  1. Sunshine is always free. Love it!
    This reminds me of a little store I heard about. It is called the free store. People just bring items they don’t want to the store and anyone is welcome to stop by and just take whatever they need from the store. You are just asked that if you want to take something home then please leave something behind for someone else.

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  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, the sun does shine on us for free, rejuvenating our souls!! Living in Michigan where it is snowing right now and 3 more months to go. I miss the sun so much! Especially coming from Africa 🙂 haha!!!
    Its like an anti-depressant!! Love how you got that photo of the girls to look all 70’s! Gorgeous!


    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks so very much! The sun, when it's not bad for you, is actually very good for you! Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine! We all need it. We are getting snow tomorrow…I am ready for summer already! ❤ ❤ ❤ #GlobalBlogging

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  3. Your neighborhood seems an awesome place to live in. I have written something on similar lines at the year end. Do check out whenever you get time.


  4. Just 💙 this Lisa but your words
    Always inspire me! I have had a real declutter and sort out and donated, took to school, gave away and binned so much! It’s scary how much ‘stuff’ we have. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉


    1. Oh it feels so good! We are not hoarders by any means, but the kids and the Mrs., they are much more attached than I am. If it’s been 6 months since we touched it, out! 🙂 Thank you Jenny! #FridayFrolics xo


  5. Love this – and I’m so excited because this past weekend, my husband finally said he was ready to declutter stuff, too! My brain feels free just thinking about his promise! So glad you shared this with us at #FridayFrivolity this week,Lisa!

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  6. YES. I just minimised my clutter. You should watch this documentary on Netflix called The Minimalists. It’s so good! It’s exactly what you’re saying here. It feels amazing to just get rid of the unnecessary clutter. Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama!

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