Minimalism is Fun: Take a look

Okay, so in 2017 I (hopefully we) have replaced ‘Frugalism’ for ‘Minimalism.’ It admittedly has a nicer sound, nu? You agree? Frugalism has such a negative connotation – as if one is a tightwad. Minimalism and its glorious way, appears to offer more of a choice, well at least to me. In fact, there still is no choice. It’s what’s gotta be…

So, in a pure minimalistic bent, take a look at a beautiful outing with friends, to IKEA of all places. For those of you who have kinder (children) and don’t know, IKEA is the poor person’s Disney World. Admission is free. Climate is always appropriate. Each room brings with it a new and exciting adventure to explore, pretend and play. Whether mattress hopping, imagining living or working in each showroom, or playing hide and go seek in the ‘grab it yourself’ warehouse, it is fun for all ages.



Oh, and ice cream (which is really frozen yogurt) is only $1. Add to the fact that on Monday through Friday, kids eat (meals, entire meals, nice meals) for free… And in this past year, they have taken that famous Swedish meatball and turned it all millennial! Yes, it now comes in a gluten free, vegan version! This is no joke!





What is not to love about IKEA? Keep your glass half full and take a nice visit.

If time is money, I don’t have any time. Oyb tsayt iz gelt, hob ikh keyn tsayt nit.




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57 thoughts on “Minimalism is Fun: Take a look

  1. I’ve visited IKEA and completely agree with you! We don’t have one in India yet, though. Lovely pictures of your girls, as usual, Lisa! And yay! Minimalism sounds fabulous. I am slogging towards it. 🙂 Hugs!


    1. You must come here for a visit, and we can go together Vidya! Believe it or not, their US headquarters are right here. It is like Disney! Slog away. I am too, as I have a certain Mrs. to convince! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Oh I 💙 IKEA too. Infact we have just been. the kids love it because of the food. Whats not to love about swedish meatballs and cake made from Dime bars? We got a lovely unit for our utility too and my Kitchen is now super organised so win win. Here’s to minimalism. Beautiful shots as always! 📸


    1. IKEA really is fun! And the kids really view it as an indoor play space with ice cream guaranteed! Rain, snow, heat…it’s the right place to go…I’m sure your Jacob will love it! #bigpinklink xo


  3. I miss IKEA! That used to be our rainy day outing. Free and then you can lose the kids for 10 minutes too, I’m joking, if I had really lost them then I would have been panic-stricken. I would not have sneaked away for some swedish meatball action. Honest. #FridayFrolics

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  4. We love Ikea!! I haven’t taken the kids yet but there’s always the promise of swedish meatballs at the end so surely a win 😉 I am with you re the minimalism as we have so much stuff and must do something about that soon. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

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