Oh. Oh. Uh-oh.


This is Lisa.

Lisa suffers from very bad pain in her neck.

You can’t always tell. She hides it very well.

Lisa has chronic occipital neuralgia.

Poor Lisa.


Her kinder (children), they like to walk dance on Lisa’s (mommy’s) back to help her.

This feels so good for Mommy.

Such good kinder they are!

Lisa loves her kinder so much.


This is the Mrs. with our kinder.

The Mrs., she is so good to Lisa.

The Mrs. rubs her neck and back for her when she is in horrible pain.

Lisa loves the Mrs. so much.


This is Gatsby.

Gatsby is a good little boychik (boy).

While the Mrs. rubs Lisa’s neck, Gatsby chews.

What a good boy Gatsby is!

Lisa loves the Great Gatsby so much!


Oh. Oh.


Gatsby chewed Lisa’s glasses while the Mrs. rubbed her neck and back.

Gatsby ate the sides and broke through the lenses with his puppy teeth.

Gatsby is a mischievous boychik (boy).

Lisa loves her very adorable, yet mischievous boy Gatsby, very much.

Even with this killer watch dog, those thugs came after us!

Poor Lisa.

Lisa’s glasses are dreck (crap) now.

Lisa’s glasses make everything look as if she is looking through a snow globe.

How nice of Gatsby to make everything Lisa looks at, look like she is looking through a snow globe.


Oif tsalochis. As luck would have it… Lisa is tardy for a trip to the ophthalmologist.

What a good boy Gatsby is!

Zie gezunt! Be healthy, be well!









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49 thoughts on “Oh. Oh. Uh-oh.

  1. And that’s what I call positive thinking! Good Gatsby! Now go visit your opthalmologist, Lisa! Hugs! Love your photos!

    (Your post title now has the song “uh oh, uh oh, falling in love” (Gloria Estefan) playing in my head in a loop!)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Jess! I don’t much like the pain either, but we all have to play what we are dealt. Always nice to hear from you! I so appreciate your support. Have a happy weekend! #Globallogging xoxo


    1. That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you! I really mean that! I try to look at the world glass half full. Why not? I hope your mum is okay. It sure is no fun… And thank you for #coolmumclub! I am glad to have found you all! xoxo Have a happy weekend


  2. oh gosh it shouldn’t be funny, but the way you wrote this cracked me up. Oh Gatsby you cheeky boy, poor Lisa! I am sorry your in pain lovely, but I am so glad you can make light and see the positives. Your children are so beautiful too! Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good! Laughter was the point! You have to laugh at this stuff, and my Gatsby could never get in trouble from me! Im his best human! ❤ ❤ Thanks so much Mac! I love sharing all this fun stuff with you! ❤ Video progressing…BTW, the waiting on a few bloggers…


    1. That is exactly what he said! I could never get mad at that face…and life through a snow globe is kind of fun! Gatsby says thank for sticking up for him. He knows I’m his favorite human…. ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Hey Audrey! Thanks for reading. Still in snowglobes…not in the budget yet to get new specs… I’m trying to adjust. 🙂 Hope your weekend is delightful! We just got back from a large womens march in Philadelphia! xoxo #FridayFrivolity


  3. Lisa, I really hope that you can get some relief from this thing, something more permanent than back walking. As for Gatsby, I can TOTALLY relate to you! I have 2 very naughty cats who have destroyed every bit of upholstery in our living room, and an antique chair that has been in my husband’s family for generations. I am just resigned to the chaos at this point! But the love that our furry creatures give us in return makes it all worthwhile, don’tcha think? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That chronic pain must be so awful! I hope you manage to get it sorted. Sounds like you have some great support though. Sometimes! 😉 #stayclassymamma

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hahah I love this. When I first started reading I thought this might be a sad post because I’m sure it must be difficult having chronic occipital nuerolgia. But no, you surprised me with your story, I like how I felt like I was reading a story, a children’s story! Made me smile. Thanks so much for sharing with #stayclassymama!

    Liked by 1 person

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