A girl can dream, nu?

I wish... I wish...
I wish… I wish…

Color me a baby boomer, but I can’t help but wonder if we wouldn’t be in this mess if The Love Boat and Fantasy Island were still on TV. I mean, that’s were all of the ‘B’ rated celebs went off to, right? Nu?

Folkh mikh a gayng! Like that’s gonna happen!

Well Mr. T-elect, as you think about repealing the Affordable Care Act for me and my twenty million friends who rely on it, I offer you this lovely and wise Yiddish proverb:

May all your teeth fall out, except for one. And in that one, you can have a tooth ache.

May ale deyn tseyn faln aoys, akhuts far eyn. Aun in az eyner, ir kenen hobn a tson veytik.





20 thoughts on “A girl can dream, nu?

    1. Thanks Vidya! It really is a fun, but dying language. It really does get a point across though! Happy Weekend. We just came back from the WOmen’s march in Philadelphia. Unbelievable. More to come I’m sure! xoxo


  1. That is a fabulous saying. I wish I could offer some words of comfort, but it appears evident from this weekend that President T is a bit fricking loco. I dont know how it will all pan out but my thoughts and prayers are with all my wonderful american friends xx Stay safe xx

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