We Showed Up

Photo courtesy of @lora_percy
Photo courtesy of @lora_percy

The many faces of resistance came out in numbers

People of all ages formed a sea of pink kitty hats

Too many held signs of disbelief that they were still protesting the same old shit

We stood, stopped in our tracks, due to the numbers that showed

We chanted, we sang, we hugged, we peacefully gathered


The battle had just started, but something significant had changed

There was no anger

There was energy and unity

We were filled withย love and positivism

We came ready to be visible

And this was just the beginning

From cities across the globe (yes, the globe), we showed up

And we are not going away


My kinder, Little and Big, marched with the Mrs. and me

Later, I asked what was your favorite part about your very first protest?

Big: “I liked taking the train.”

Little: “I liked getting sushi at the food court for lunch.”

Big: “I liked standing up high on the trash cans, dancing and seeing everyone.”

Little: “Yeah, I liked that too!”


The whole world isn’t crazy! Di gantseh velt iz nit meshugeh!











53 thoughts on “We Showed Up

    1. The feeling was overwhelmingly positive and energetic. I think we all felt it and need to keep it as we move forward. I love that other countries such as yours gathered. Solidarity. We have eachothers backs. #dreamteam xoxo


    1. Oh how I fear you are right, but I have to believ you are not. We will continue to show up. To plan. To write our (?) elected officials and to flood their phone lines. Revolutions make change and i felt it when we showed up. xo


  1. I was in DC with my family for the March; and we had an absolute blast. Also, I got in the day before the inauguration, and it amazed me how visibly the anti-Trump crowd outnumbered the Trumpists on their ostensible day of celebration. I almost felt sorry for the Trumpists, outnumbered on their day of triumph, in enemy territory in a city that ought to have been theirs. But we took DC, and made it our town. We’re going to do more of these actions as we go, as Trump shows no sign of relenting and governing like a “normal” president (which, fair to say, his supporters wouldn’t want).

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    1. Hi Paul! I had a ton of friends there. We were in Philly and it was an amazing turnout! Now, there are rallies going nonstop for 3 days since they have chosen our town to huddle in…My Mrs., is at a protest now where Mr T is speaking. We will not relent either! Full speed ahead Paul! Thanks so much! #NothingisNormal xo

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Those were happy, tired and hungry little feminists! Thanks Kristin! While we were there, I got a whole crowd of people to chant the anthem’s first stanza! My Mrs., she is at the rally in Philly now where Mr T just showed up to spew at his repub pals…So much more work to do! โค โค โค

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    1. Oh it was an amazing event! The first of many for my little feminists and activists! They are learning the importance of having a voice and speaking up when you have to! Thanks so much! My Mrs., she is at the rally in Philly right now, where Mr. T just showed up for the republican retreat! Ugh! We have our work ahead of us! #coolmumclub xoxo


    1. YES! And we all felt safe! How amazing is that! My Mrs., she is at the Philly rally now where Mr. T himself just came to speak to his Republican cronies… I’d be there, but I am at work. Oy! Thanks for always providing #ablogginggoodtime xoxo


  2. As you say, it’s sad (and frightening) that we are still having to protest about these things. I am sure this march will spark lots of conversations in your house and I be an important memory in your children’s lives as they learn the importance of standing up for themselves and their beliefs #BrillBlogPosts

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    1. Yes, they are learning the ‘F’ word, Feminist! And we are raising mighty girls to be empowered women! My Mrs. is at the rally in Philly right now, where Mr. T is currently. Ugh… They are all here. Our next March is April 15th and we are signed up. Let’s keep the momentum going. If only all these people showed up to vote. #BrilliantBlogPosts xo


  3. Which march did you go to? I was in DC and totally shocked at the numbers. Even more shocked when I saw the news later that night about all of the protests around the world!

    Don’t be so quick to assume that nothing will happen because of this. Libraries and universities are collecting posters to be archived. People are talking. I think that is/was the ultimate goal โ€“ to make people aware of the issues. And they are. Some even hate us for demonstrating; they think we were ridiculous and accomplished nothing. Just make sure you are staying in touch with your senators and state reps. Check out this site if you need help figuring out what to do next โ€“ http://whatdoidoabouttrump.com ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. We showed up in Philadelphia, where Mr. T just landed. Our march was huge! Took an hour to take 3 steps…It was awesome! I am positive that we will all collectively make change. I am constantly signing petitions, dialing elected officials and my Mrs., she is at the protest right now! I am at work or I would be with her! The next big march is scheduled for April 15th here, and we are in. We are teaching our daughters the value of peaceful protests. Thanks for the link. Also try indivisible.org. Something every day that we can do… Keep up the great work! #BrilliantBlogPosts xo


  4. Well done you and your girls. It was fantastic watching news coverage of all the protests everywhere. Wasnt able to take part in body here, but many friends did. Sadly peaceful protests are essential but not the whole story. I found myself for instance asking others to download to hard copy, Nina Donovan’s poem rather than just tweeting links. Once DT has surrounded himself with likeminded people, infringements on personal freedoms start to happen incrementally. It is like this in Turkey, Russian,The Phillipines as well as for much longer in any number of tinpot dictatorships elsewhere across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Its happening again in Europe. #fridayfrolics

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    1. It is frightening. And we will not just stand by and watch this happen here. We need to channel the outrage for positive actions and liberate the unmotivated to join in. This was just the first of many! Thanks so much for your support! #fridayfrolics xo


      1. Standing up for our rights has never meant so much to me. I find it really energising and hope we don’t lose momentum. A friend’s grandfather, an eminent Berlin lawyer was the man in the iconic photograph with a cardboard sign he was forced to wear ‘ Ich bin Jude, aber ich werde mich nie mehr bei der Polizei beschwerenโ€™ as he was marched shaven headed and barefoot down the Munich streets. ‘I am a Jew but I will never again complain to the police’.
        We used to say ‘Never again’ but similar things are already happening in many ways to minorities in our countries. jo x #fridayfrolics

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      2. Hi Jo. Your words mean so much to me. I see it to, yet so many deny. The man in power is Hitler-esque and we cannot sit idly by and watch. Your friends grandfather was so right. And he has passes that baton onto us now. Thank you so much for your comment. Stay energized and focused. We have to continue to show up. Xo #fridayfrolics


  5. I was so frustrated at the women being nasty after the fact. They focused on one or two issues they disagree with and dismissed the marchers with rather derogatory remarks. When a male elected official says the protesters have the right to be slapped I know we still have more to do.


  6. Brilliant. Just brilliant. It looks like it was a great event and what a turn out. I have read quite a few posts about whole families attending, and it’s something that your littles will be able to look back proudly on, knowing that they were there. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam x

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