Vaginas, Muslims, Mac-n-Cheese, and Polar Bears

My mighty girls...
My mighty girls…We fight for you and all the kinder (children)

I am one scared Yiddeshah momma these days. I am literally swimming in shpilkas (nervous in my gut) over the tsuris (troubles) mr T has caused our world in just twelve days of domination, deception, and lawlessness.

If you have a vagina, if you care about the ingredients in the foods you and your kinder (kids) eat, the water you drink, if you believe in religious freedoms and equality or cannot shake the image of the emaciated polar bears, please show up.

mr T, he began spewing the darkest, most Machiavellian mantra of inaugural messaging, while his minions behind the scenes stripped the White House website (and our people) clean of all of the hope and justice created during the Obama administration.

Rapidly putting pen to papers, he began to disassemble the accomplishments and freedoms for the people of this country, my country. The sick and underprivileged are now at risk. Healthcare is in limbo. Women’s rights, LGBT rights, and civil rights have shuddered.  He has thrown out hard facts and true science, sacrificing the environment for our kinder (children) and their kinder  —  all slashed with the click of a pen, held in his tiny, little, creepy hands.

He placed a gag order on the EPA. We no longer need to know what is in our food, our water; what spills in our riverbeds and oceans. He reopened the oil pipelines. 

And on Holocaust Remembrance Day, very late in the daily news cycle, he went above and beyond draconian, incomprehensible behavior. mr T, he banned all Muslims from seven majority Muslim nations, and all fleeing refugees from entering our sanctuary country.

This unprecedented, diabolical action is clear, plain as day, religious persecution. mr T’s deeds defy our American values and places us all in grave danger. He is setting the stage for his campaign promise of a Muslim registry. The indecency of this magnitude has happened before in the world. It all began with words of hate. Never again.

@POTUS44 and @MichelleObama, please stay close to us, for the clocks of history are quickly bending backward in time.

mr T, know that I wish you no ill will. I want you to leave the White House, but unless a bigger, bolder gig awaits you, I doubt this will happen. I will go back to my Yiddish ancestry and offer you up a bissel shiltn (little curse).

May you either have to use the toilet every three minutes or every three months. May ir oder hobn tsu nutzn di klozet yeder drey minut oder yeder dray khdshim.

I sure hope you have good healthcare mr T.  A yiddishah curse, is like no other!

What if we were to make him a new curse, reflecting modern times? Something along the lines of:

May your dictatorial acts, racist, anti-Semitic, and misogynistic views haunt you as your offspring marry a Jew (check), a Muslim, and a member of the LGBT community.

May you be more careful when you make those faces when you speak the words of puppet-master Bannon, because like all momma’s say, your face will freeze that way.

May your fortune grow and grow and grow, to incomparable levels of wealth and riches. And may the next Democratic president, elected 4 years from now, tax the f*cking shi*t out of you and the gazillionaire friends of yours who line your cabinets.

I must say, this curse making is quite fun. Why don’t you try it? Please, send me your creative thoughts and ideas!

Stay strong my friends. Our voices and actions matter more now than ever before. One need not be a lefty-liberal to know that hate has no home in these Unites States. We must proudly and strongly have the courage to stand up and say, “Never again.”







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70 thoughts on “Vaginas, Muslims, Mac-n-Cheese, and Polar Bears

  1. Now that is one serious curse there Mumma! In all honesty though we are watching from this side of the pond and can only imagine the turmoil you’re all going through with such a huge divide. Thank you for sharing your post with us at #DreamTeam x

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  2. I have to say, I am across the pond but what is happening right terrifies me in a deep, chilling way. I just don’t understand how this is being allowed to happen. How can he be allowed to get away with these things? I worry for all of you over there, I just hope something can be done to undo this madness and fix these awful mistakes xx #coolmumclub

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    1. So I am not crazy! I feel like we are being overtaken and a coup d’etat is going to take place. There is an overwhelming sense of dread and depression. I hope this can change. Our kids do not deserve this terror. xoxo #coolmumclub


  3. I feel sick to the stomach from my little nest in Jersey so can only imagine what you must be going through! In a moment of madness I tried to write a post where I was like let’s hope that he (can’t even say his name at moment without wanting to spew) can change, let’s be optimistic. The he went and issued that ugly order and opened his mouth again and again. I had to go into the post and write ignore this post I can no longer be optimistic about him. Urgh. Feeling sick again.

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  4. What a brilliant post Lisa. Since “Heil Herr Trumpf” as I call his emperial small handness is in office I feel like I am in a bad horror movie. I think about a proper curse however I believe they might backfire so I am a little reluctant to take part 🙂


  5. Its a great hoax that is being played upon the American people. Telling them of dangers that have no merit other than the hysterical value they provide him with. Its the age old historical ploy of creating an enemy, making demons of them and all the while ignoring and or pretending the one thing that is causing so many deaths in the country. In that I refer to gun ownership. The evidence of deaths from guns is staggering in the numbers killed. Every country has its problems but destroying what many have enjoyed so your mates can all become richer is such a sad way to go. Great post Lisa.

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  6. I had a girl in my skating class this past weekend who was scared to tell me the name of the school she went to. She just gave me the initials and I realized she was talking about the local Arabic school. You would not believe the release of tension and broad smile that broke out on her face when I told her that I knew all sorts of kids who went there and she was even more excited to hear me name several that she knew. I could see her mom in the stands, a worried look on her face as she saw me talking with her daughter, but the little girl exited the ice so excited and told her mom about our conversation and the mom came over and gave me a hug, saying it was the first time in a long while they had been shown love and kindness like that. How sad is that, that this sweet family is feeling so alone and despised here right now? So happy you joined us again at #FridayFrivolity, Lisa!

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    1. Thanks so much Lisa. We have families at our school, Muslim families who cry at pick up because they don’t know what will happen with the ban, the registry. It is so very scary. We just hug them and hear them. We are all scared for so many reasons. I am a married lesbian Jew. Not high up in a good way on this new agenda. We will peacefully resist en masse. Good for you for making that precious little girl feel the love. Thanks Lisa! #FridayFrivolity xoxo

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  7. I love the curses – they may be all there is to combat this man. Apologies to goats and anything else that must be sacrificed to get rid. Alison x #BigPinkLink

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  8. This is a really interesting post. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like on the other side of the Atlantic, actually living this and watching as the country you know and love changes so quickly beyond almost recognition. #globalblogging

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  9. Right, what do we need to do to make these curses a reality?? I absolutely love this post, (as frightening as the realities it presents actually are.) You have made your points beautifully, and eloquently, all the while maintaining the real message of the post-that you don’t fight hate with hate. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you guys over there, and the turmoil this man is trying to cause. But I feel the voices of the good, will eventually drown out his and his minions. Much love xx

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment about the post, along with your heartfelt support of this slop we are walking through daily. The good will beat the hate — it just has to! #bigpinklink xoxo


  10. What a great title to your post.
    As a UK citizen I watched your election *yup, I stayed up all night not believing the results* in a state of incredulity. I’m glad I’m this side of the Atlantic looking on, however I’m acutely aware the world in now a small place and we’re all connected.
    I hope unity can be found.

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    1. I staye dup too Tracy, and we were fortunate to have family in town in support. I feel as if we are grieving. You are so accurate in our connectedness. I hope our strong willed power and positivity will get us through this mess. #NeverAgain #GlobalBlogging xox


  11. Great post Lisa – the world is scared in these uncertain times and we can only sense the fear from over here, can only imagine what it’s like for you guys over there. As in my Moana post which you kindly commented on, I’m hoping hoping hoping that there is hope and the good will rein supreme over the idiocy. #globalblogging


    1. Oh Susie! I have that hope too! I hope i’m not being naive, but I think if we stay strong and focussed, we can get through this. The laternative choice is simply unthinkable. Thanks for your comments. @globalblogging xo


  12. A very creative title! Hate has no place in any country, coming from Africa, sadly this kind of behavior is not new to me. We can only hope and pray that we raise our children to stand up for all nations and nationalities! #globalblogging

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  13. I totally agree with you. It sounds like history repeating itself in the most sinister and horrifying way. What’s it going to be next? I can’t understand why people voted for this, that’s the scariest thing, and the effects all this will have on the rest of the world. Hoping for people to come to their senses. #brillblogposts

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  14. Omg what has he done now? It’s only a few weeks into his presidency no? I can’t even stand to read the papers (or Google it), I am so shocked and disgusted. The Muslim ban had an effect on one of my friends here who was trying to fly to New York, it is real and it is scary. I’m so glad you are writing about it! Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama!

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    1. It is horrifying and very hard to get a grasp of the magnitude of change, not for the good, he can reproduce in such a short time. Thanks for reading. I sure hope we can turn this massive ship around! #stayclassymama 😘💕❤️💜

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