Poems, home and perspectives

Big's Poem
Big’s Poem

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. My shanah maidehlahs (little sweet girls) made Valentine’s for their classmates, their teachers and for me and my Mrs., and Gatsby too! When I came home from work, I was stunned by the artwork left for me to see, the prizes of love. Notes, cards, pictures, 2 boxes of Egyptian Licorice Tea (OMG!!!) and a bag of black licorice. They know me well.

I read Luka’s poem and I couldn’t help but tear up. I cried I bawled Her perspective is so different from my own growing up. My only wish is that Little and Big, my beautiful kinder (children), may we do our very best to do right by you, always and forever.

My poem at 8 years of tender age would be very different:

When I Think of Home

by Lisa

When I think of ‘home’ I think of cleanliness and order

When I think of ‘home’ I am not allowed on my bed until 8pm

When I think of ‘home’ my sister is wisely absent

When I think of ‘home’ I smell the stench of pine-sol

When I think of ‘home’ I think of disappearing

When I think of ‘home,’ I am unhappy

When I think of ‘home’ I think of entering through the garage

When I think of ‘home’ I hear the voices that tried to shatter me

When I think of ‘home’ I think of the dis-ease that was enabled

When I think of ‘home’ I see rooms not to be entered

When I think of ‘home’ I think antiseptic and sterile

When I think of ‘home’ of think no life lives here

When I think of ‘home’ I am dirty and wrong

When I think of ‘home’ I don’t matter as much

As the things we acquired or the rooms we can’t touch

To all the kinder (children) everywhere, live out loud, make a mess, make beautiful and loving memories. That little ones, you so deserve.

You know what? After a good cry, your heart is lighter. (Az mi veint rich ois, vert gringer afn hartz)

Thank you my friends, for letting me share. To dare to be open and vulnerable among you.


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32 thoughts on “Poems, home and perspectives

  1. oh wow Lisa I love that poem, I love the talk of dogs, cozy beds and family! Your poem is so different and heart breaking. I agree may children know love and the chaos of true happy families #mg

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    1. OMG! Laura! This is so very kind and wonderful rolled into one! You made my week, and it has been some week! I am so very honored to have you think of me like that. Congrats and kudos to us both! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. They say that sooner or later we all become our parents. In some ways I have observed that to be true, but not when it comes to parenting. Everything I disliked as a child I try to change for Peachy. She deserves better than I had, and I didn’t have it all that bad. #StayClassyMama

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  3. Awww… what a beautiful poem. I absolutely agree with you there: “After a good cry, your heart is lighter.” You truly deserves a lovely poem. xx Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poem with us on #FabFridayPost xx


  4. I’m so sorry you had such a difficult time during your childhood, I didn’t realise but I am so glad you shared with us. Your daughter’s poem, and your poem, are beautiful in two very different ways. I appreciate and understand your vulnerability, I know things like this can be hard to write : ). Thank you so much for sharing with #stayclassymama. p.s. it sounds like you are a wonderful mama!


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