Springtime In February


Constant joy is a great mitzvah (a good deed). Keseyderdik freyd iz a groys mitzvah.


It’s abundantly clear to me, that the very best parts of this life are unplanned little moments spent with those you love. Make sure you are present so you can catch them.



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41 thoughts on “Springtime In February

  1. Your final comment really resonated with me today. We spent a day with family yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I woke up this morning feeling as if time is slipping away and I must make the most of the little moments of time spent with people who are close to us. Your photos are gorgeous and I am really enjoying a bit of spring. Alison x #mg

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    1. Spring in February is so very refreshing and frightening. Where are the seasons going? We have to make the most of it when rewarded with such a gift. And who better to find a gift than the kids! #globalblogging xo


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