Is Facebook as addictive and dangerous as a drug?

Social media is undoubtedly changing communication, and not for the better. We speak in acronyms, memes and rant in ways we might not do in person. I say pick up the damned phone, or better yet, meet for a coffee, or a walk in the woods, and talk in real life. If you have to write more than two sentences, you owe it to yourself and the relationship you are ‘typing at’ to be present. Wonderful post! #dreamteam

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Don't Drop The Baby

I joined Facebook in 2009 and, like most people, became instantly hooked. What was this shiny new blue wonderland to explore? Do you mean to say I can spy on people and pass judgment without them knowing? And what the hell is poking? I quickly began adding friends and searching for people I hadn’t seen in years. Oh the joy of seeing someone you absolutely hate piling on stone after stone, or coming across an ex boyfriend who still lives at his mums house. Shallow? Yes. But this is the world of social media, and modern life hasn’t been the same since.

At the start it was all so lighthearted. Pictures of people’s cute pets, holiday snaps and YouTube videos. My friends and I used to post a lot of music. I loved it. My ideal Friday night was a bottle of wine in front of my laptop. We…

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