Power Outage

Goodness just radiates from her face. Di gutskayt ligt ir uysgegosn afn punem!

The beauty of being greeted at the door by my Big, and my Little, during a power outage
Goodness just radiates from their faces

A nice power outage!








36 thoughts on “Power Outage

  1. Yeah, those power cuts can be wonderful. I have fond memories of the first New York blackout. Really, it was beautiful. The only light on the streets came from the moon and the gas grills in the luncheonettes. And, of course, headlights. The second one, I understand, was pretty awful.


  2. Why do I never have any sort of back up for when the lights go out? They frequently do and I’m always scrounging around in the dark– you have such cuties to great you!


  3. I used to love power cuts as a child, having candles lit. It was a bit scary and very adventurous. I love the second image the children around the lamp is so beautiful and magical. Thank you for sharing and linking to #stayclassymama xx


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