The Wisdom of the Trees

The wisdom of the trees

There is a certain trail we take when hiking, the Mrs., me and the kinder (children), where we pass this stunning tree. I love this tree, and it’s very obvious how many others do too. I would never carve my initials in it or declare my undying love for the Mrs. atop its thick ‘barky’ skin — I’m too much of a ‘Lorax for such behavior. My Little and Big, they always ask why so many people would hurt the tree with so much engraving and writing? Who am I to know…

It’s good to behold beauty and live with wisdom. Oif shainem iz gut tsu kuken; mit a klugen iz gut tsu leben.

I do believe that this tree, (all of the trees actually), holds inside a certain shrewdness about you, me, and all of those that pass by its grace and grandeur. This tree, it feels our pains and celebrates our victories. She is a living, breathing road map of where we have been and will tell the tale of where we will go.

In the meantime, this very tree will continue to help our environment by absorbing the CO2 in the air, releasing clean oxygen, fighting against water pollution, protecting our skin from the powerful rays of the sun, and holding in its canopy, a wealth of wildlife, like squirrels, opossums, bugs, birds and the very special and much-needed, bees. I must add how this very tree is a wonderful source of outdoor play for my shanah maideleh’s (sweet girls) as we traipse about in her home, the woods.

This tree, may she continue to give me a big sigh of relief. When I look at her or think of her, I feel a little better about everything.

Zie gezunt! Be healthy, be well!








36 thoughts on “The Wisdom of the Trees

  1. I love trees too and I love to be outdoors and admiring everything the woods have to offer during my hikes. Sometimes I go alone and sometimes I take my boys with me so that they, too can enjoy mother nature. Stopping over from #mg linky.

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  2. In my childhood home I would climb our huge tree in our front garden, I would sit up there for so long just imagining and talking to myself. Trees are amazing and I am never more at peace than when I am surrounded by trees. Beautiful post Lisa xx #mg


  3. I cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt a tree by carving into it. I live in the middle of forest and the trees are all very special. #dreamteam

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  4. I can understand why you find it so special. it has an atmosphere to it, carvings or not. I hope it doesn’t mind the writing, but maybe it doesn’t, because it grows and flourishes anyway. Beautiful. #PointShoot

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  5. You know that I too am a lover of the trees and I was pleased to know that you are a fellow Lorax. There is something so ethereal about knowing that they have stood still in that spot for so many years, and seen so much life develop and fade in cycles around them. Gorgeous post lovely. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x


  6. I think we would all be a bit more peaceful (and peace-filled) if we spent more time in nature. I find it centers me to go outside and just breath. Lovely post, as always.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us on #FridayFrivolity.


  7. Lovely tree! It’s making me think of the Learning Tree, which were books I loved as a kid. About a wise tree who taught lessons to a pair of sibings. Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics


  8. I love nature and this tree looks gorgeous! I too believe that trees help ground us and give us energy. Beautiful! #FabFridayPost


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