My Uncles Ice Cream Shop!

Fine Fellows Creamery 313 Beach Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204

Imagine the pure joy of being two littles, running free in an ice cream store, scoop in hand… and you can understand how my kinder (children) felt on a trip to beautiful, downtown Cape May, NJ.

Mmmmm-mint chip

If any of you are seeking a nice nosh (little something to eat) in the form of delectable ice cream desserts, milkshakes, freshly made Belgian waffles, and incredible, original sundae concoctions, this shop, Fine Fellows Creamery is your destination at the Jersey shore. Stocked with Bassett’s Original ice cream, vey iz mir (OMG), this is good stuff, they are fast becoming the local destination for all shore points.

Uncle Dusty, teaching my Big the business

Owned by two mensches (really, truly good men, or in this case, Fine Fellows) who are uncles to my shana maidelahs (sweet girls), and their boychik (wonderful son) J, these guys know how to make a dessert, and they will treat you like kings and queens. Shy with the scoop, not these guys! You may need to open your belt buckle a notch or two when you down every spoonful of bliss.

Uncle DD takes us to the beautiful beach of Cape May, NJ

C’mon down to Cape May. Ooh and ahh over the quaint architecture, walk the beaches, stroll the boardwalk, smell the salty air, and ess a bissel (eat a little) at Fine Fellows Creamery.

“We had the best day ever,” said Big. In fact the next day, Big and Little, they both shared in school about their amazing visit!

So I’m sure you’re thinking, well, they are family, of course, you will write a good review. Friends, listen loud and clear. There is a cardinal rule we all must follow in order to get along: You don’t mess with Ice Cream. That would be a shonda (shame) to lead you astray in any way gastronomically, especially when it comes to all things ice cream related.

So tomorrow, go have your kale chip and avocado smoothie. Today, go and eat ice cream at Fine Fellows Creamery. Oh, how happy you will be!

J loves Gatsby. Gatsby loves J. Gatsby loves ice cream at Fine Fellows Creamery. What’s not to love!







53 thoughts on “My Uncles Ice Cream Shop!

  1. Ice cream is indeed sacred. I am not a big eater of it but when I do it has to be top quality stuff. #dreamteam


  2. Gorgeous! I saw the word Cape and got all hopeful as my family have places near Cape Cod. My heart sank when it was followed by NJ as it means all the gorgeous ice-cream will not be mine!


  3. This looks good enough to pop on a plane and fly over and get some sweet treats. I love the word nosh, will have to remember that one. My son and I are great lovers of ice cream! He ate the last of it after dinner so now my stomach is rumbling thinking of it! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xxx


  4. Every child’s (and mum’s) dream to have a family icecream shop! I am very jealous! It sounds delicious! #blogcrush


  5. Funny, my boys have an uncle’s ice cream shop that they enjoy frequenting as well! They make homemade ice cream and their smalls are HUGE! It’s great to watch all the kids faces light up with joy.


    1. Hey, Joanne, I am so happy to hear that! Every kid should be so lucky! And both Uncle’s, they just love when they are there. Truth is, I light up over a nice ice cream too! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  6. My kids are obsessed with ice-cream (although I think they all are!) and they would love this x #FabFridayPost


  7. totally on to a winner, icecream, Gatsby, and sea air, =’s perfection! WE had an ice-cream party for April last week and had loads of flavours and toppings and I dipped waffle cones into chocolate and sprinkles it was loads of yummy fun. #mg


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