Do you see us?

Do you see us? We are a family, just like yours.

It’s a slippery slope my friends and we are headed down the rabbit hole fast. The latest for me, my Mrs. and our shanah maideleh kinder (sweet beautiful girls) is our invisibility in the upcoming Census. It’s been announced that there will not be an LGBTQ count in the 2020 census. To be fair, that’s the way I roll, it’s important that you know that we have never been counted before. But after the stunning momentum from the Obama administration, the proclamation to love out loud with all the legal rights and freedoms from the Supremes, government agencies, lefty liberals, and this Yiddisheh lesbian, we were hopeful that following the next Census, our government would see us. And after they see us, they would work to find ways so that we wouldn’t always be under some threat, be it physical, emotional or legal. They would see us and allocate the resources that are so important to our LGBTQ community. They would see us and help.

Congressional Democrats (much too many for mr t to count on his tiny little hands), along with several government agencies (Health and Human Services, the Justice Department and Housing and Urban Development) have all requested that mr t’s administration counts the LGBTQ population in the next Census (2020). Figuring, ‘Hey, wouldn’t be a swell idea to better understand sexual orientation, marital status, family status, gender identity and the location, size and socioeconomic status of this population?  We are out ringing doorbells counting anyway?’ 

mr t and his slimy swamp mates, they say there’s no need for collecting data on us. A crowd of people, and not one real person among them. A groyse oylem, un nito ein mentsch. Their anti-gay agenda is clear as day, and I feel it as real as those hot flashes, vey iz mir (OMG). Gorsuch, poised for confirmation via the cowardly nuclear option, is an extreme threat to our civil rights for the next 4 to 5 decades. Well, you know what f*ck that? WE ARE HERE. You cannot erase us.

You may say, Lisala, what’s the big mitziah (problem)? I can’t speak for everyone, but you know how loud I speak for my mishpocha (family). Coming out, ‘being out,’ makes you leave the cloak of invisibility behind.

If you are straight, you don’t know from this tsuris (trouble). Your are counted. You count. You matter.

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45 thoughts on “Do you see us?

  1. I’ll be honest, this isn’t something that I ever thought about before, but now that you bring it to my attention, it would be great information to have. Maybe if some of these Repubs got a look at the actual numbers, they would realize how many potential voters they are turning their backs on with their insane agendas #fridayfrolics


    1. Jeremy, thanks so much for reading and thinking this through. This is the craziest administration yet, and it is frankly disturbing in so many ways. First margnalize the groups, then make pretend they don’t exist. He’s following Hitler’s handbook. I’m a bit scared. #Fridayfrolics I hope you and yours have a super weekend friend! xo


  2. In 2017 families come in so many different forms, it’s astonishing that a national census would not recognise that. Well, it would be astonishing if Trump hadn’t been elected President, very little astonishes me about politics after that. But this is also a very strong and poignant post about LGBT identity and I hope you are very proud of it. #globalblogging


  3. This just makes no sense to me (I mean, I understand completely what you’re saying, but it just makes no sense that this is happening). I thought the census counted PEOPLE! (And that lady with the dog was just plain messed-up! #FridayFrivolity


  4. It is shocking that the 2020 census will not include LGBT. I too hoped the politicians would want to collect the date, because how else do you serve your country than to know who makes up your country?!?! This is so ridiculous! #GlobalBlogging


  5. Personally I am gutted there isn’t going to be a section for you to be counted. To feel like you matter. Sadly I must admit that I am not surprised. I think if mr t had allowed there be such a section I would have fallen off my chair in shock. Everything was so close to moving forward…. He is bringing all back again. Good luck! You do matter and you do count.
    Thank you for joining the #BigPinkLink


  6. Honestly, this is something I hadn’t thought of before either. I do feel for you with your current government. It is scary for me, and I don’t live in America. Good on you for standing up for your rights. I’m with you 100% Thanks for joining us at #GlobalBlogging xx


  7. Surely it makes sense to at least get some sort of number of the LGBTQ population/families. I actually can’t remember what the last census said here in the UK so I’m not sure if we’re counted either. #kcacols

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  8. what is wrong with that woman with her dog? So strange. I mean dogs sniff and try to hump each other no matter what. Like our bunnies the boys are always humping each other, why would anyone freak out about that? I am so disgusted that you are not counted, but you are not invisible I SEE YOU, I see your beautiful, perfect family and I LOVE you! #mg

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    1. Thank you, Mac! Those are some beautiful and heartwarming sentences and feelings to this yiddisheh mama who’s embroiled in a fight against the establishment! Thank you for being you, seeing me and my mishpocheh (family). Love you right back! ❤ ❤ ❤


  9. Take heart, people, society, groups, everyone can come back, it’s just a case of taking back your power. People need to stop looking for magic pills (figuratively and literally) and have a return to common sense. Dropped by from #BlogCrush but always happy to be here, Lisa, you always make sense, I love sense, love it. Hope this weekend treats you kindly (deep breaths). Big hugs xox

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    1. Thank you so much, Donna. It’s hard to make sense in a world so jumbled and chaotic. Oh how I want to believe in the greater good, fight the fight and show my kinder (kids) how we can win! So far, the weekend is aces. Hope yours is too! xo #blogcrush


  10. I can’t believe that they don’t want this information. Surely the whole point of a census is to find out the makeup of the population?! It’s dreadful that you’re being so purposefully overlooked and ignored 😦 Keep fighting (I know you will because you’re amazing!) #blogcrush

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  11. Im sorry that it appears that times have gone back over 100 years. there was me thinking progress had been made with regards to LGBTQ. I cannot believe they are doing this to you. I was not aware of this, so thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I’m actually quite disgusted at the way the world is right now!

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  12. I see you!! And so should everyone else. This is the 21st century and it’s quite frankly appalling that you are not being recognised. That ‘man’ has a lot to answer for! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

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