A Midsummer Day and Night’s Performance

Big and her buds, preparing before the show.

This past weekend, my kinder (children) participated in our annual tradition, the Dance Recital. All year long, my shana maidelehs (sweet girls) have been studying ballet, and Big has added jazz to her repertoire. My Mrs., she too was central to the studies, as the chief shlepper (hauler, dragger) and nosherie (snack provider) to our mini prima’s.

If you can ever imagine me, at my very happiest space, it’s watching my kinder do what they love, and they do love to dance, in full regalia on stage. Kvelling (beaming with pride) and grinning until my punim (face) hurts, I am. It’s the tahkeh (absolute, certain) truth.

This year, the Wissahickon Dance Academy presented Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The choreography was so beautiful. The talent, remarkable. They really put on an awesome production. After, all of the other forms of dance performed. Jazz, hip-hop, tap, modern — it was naches (the satisfaction gained from life’s gifts) for everyone in the audience.

Last night, I asked my kinder about the show and what A Midsummer Night’s Dream was about. Here is what they said:

Little: It’s about a donkey and an umm, queen and a king. And what was Z in the second show? Oh yeah, the queen’s daughter. And a man who turns into a donkey and fairies and umm, and an umm, wood sprites. ‘Cause that’s what (Big) was, a wood sprite. I liked when the donkey, who was really Jakiel, eats the grass and when he was really funny with the audience.

Big: So there’s a Queen, Titania, and she has a husband and they get in a big fight. Puck comes and, the husband, he asked Puck if he can borrow these magic flowers that if you sprinkle them on someone, the first person they see, they will fall in love with. You have to do it to people only while they are asleep. And so, he umm, he did it on Titania — sprinkled the flower stuff. And then, these actors come out, and Puck grabs one of them and gives him a donkey head. He (the Donkey) scares all the actors away. And then, he accidentally trips over Titania. She wakes up and falls in love with the donkey because of the flower magic. She was supposed to fall in love with her husband, but they had a big fight about their daughter. Then, I know! They both (Titania and the Donkey) go to sleep and then the husband has the magic flower and he sprinkles it on Titania and she wakes up and falls madly in love with him again. Puck comes on and takes the donkey head away, and that is all I know. Ohhh, and the whole thing, it was the Donkey-headed guy’s dream! That’s why he scratched his head at the end.

I asked them, what was the best part of being in the recital?

Big: I just love dancing. I liked the flowers on my costume, and I liked how the bottom was like a tutu, and I liked the wings.

Little:  I really like twirling, twirling a lot.

The littles of the elementary ballet! Too cute, these kinder!

In Act II, my Little, she danced with her elementary ballet class to Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty. Big, she was an orphan in Annie, dancing with her class in jazz 1 to, Hard Knock Life

Big: I loved it. It was fun because I love Annie, I love that song, it is fun to pretend to be orphans and that dance is just fun.

Little: My dance was from sleeping beauty. I don’t know what it was about, but I got to twirl. I liked the roses on my costume and twirling. I liked when (Big) danced with the bucket and slammed it on the floor too.

All in all, I was beaming. And for two shows, a couple of hours each, I actually forgot about the mishegas (craziness) that is happening in our world. Such a simcheh (joyous occasion) I wish for all of you!

Thank you for letting me go on about my kinder today.






59 thoughts on “A Midsummer Day and Night’s Performance

  1. #dreamteam #triumphanttales love this, keep going on and on, the joy in this blog is contagious and will make a fab ‘looking back’ memoire 🙂 happy dancing to your kinders x


  2. They are adorable!! You must be so proud. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. I live in Stratford Upon Avon so Shakespeare is very present in our lives. This play takes me back to my school days as we studied it in Year 9. Lovely post. Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, I hope to see you back next week 🙂

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  3. oh this is so beautiful! I miss my girls dancing. Aspen loved ballet and comtempoary and April loved Jazz and hip hop. Watching them in ballet was always my favourite, but they both gave it up. I love how you wrote their story in this blog and what they loved best! It made it so much more personal and touching. Well done gorgeous girls! #mg

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  4. Lovely post! I cry every time I watch any of my children in plays/nativity’s etc. I have twin daughters who did ballet for a while, but gave up quite quickly unfortunately. You must be very proud! #triumphanttales

    Liked by 1 person

  5. They did very well remembering a midsummer nights dream, I watched a performance of it a few years ago and don’t even remember the characters names! They look adorable in their outfits too! #kcacols

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  6. And so you should write about your kinder because they are so beautiful and you must have been so proud. I beam with pride when I see mine in a show of any kind, even if they’re on percussion at the very back! #fridayfrolics

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Some beautiful photos. I love Midsummer Night’s Dream it is one of my favourites and just perfect for introducing children into the magical world of Shakespeare. Love their account of what it was all about and that they are clearly doing something they love. #mg

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  8. Absolutely adorable! Who doesn’t love twirling!? I love AMSND but I must admit that I still struggle to recall what on earth it’s actually all about – I’m very easily confused. I’d be with your little one and just happy to see all the twirling haha. Thanks for linking your little superstars to #DreamTeam lovely x

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  9. Oh there is something truly magical about performing (I grew up playing the flute and, although quite quiet as person, I loved to be on stage) – I don’t think there is a buzz quite like it! And the costumes look amazing! I bet you were so proud of them! We recently went to see our 6yo in her first “show” and I had happy tears in my eyes the whole way through! #blogcrush

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  10. It’s quite a hard play to explain…. I love this. I was a performer since my very young 2.5 years old when I stepped on stage for the very first time (my last was when I was maybe 28?) I cannot wait to see my kids on stage. It’s amazing. I can imagine how proud you feel. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama


  11. Awww… This is so lovely! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the dance of your little ones. They do bring lights at the end of the tunnel don’t they. And may I say, they look stunning! ❤ So so pretty. Well done you! xx

    Thank you so much for linking up with us Lisa. xx

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  12. Aww they must make you so proud. Little’s description of the day is just adorable. Ballet really is beautiful. The little I’ve seen of it on the tele I am just in awe.
    You must be one proud mama, and rightly so.
    Thanks for linking up.

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  13. Beautiful. And I love Little’s tank on the play. “I really like twirling, twirling a lot.” – Quote of the day right there. #kcacols

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