Blog, Shmog: Today an Interview

People, thank you for joining us today for this very special interview. After the very disappointing US withdrawal from the Paris Accord, I asked both Mother Earth and mr t to join me, over a nice babka (delicious cake) and coffee, to answer just a few questions. I hope you all find this informative and provides you all with the strength you need to take action.

Q: Do you believe in climate change?

A: Mother Earth Are you kidding me? I am one hot momma, schvitzing (sweating my ass off) like the ‘mother of all menopausal hot flashes.’ Mara Lago, you will be the first to enter the drink as my own sweat forces your little southern white house under the Atlantic. And remember mr t, hurricane season, she just started! Nu? I’m just sayin’. Can you please pass me a glass of water. Vey iz mir (Woe is me), I am parched.

A: mr t I would just like to say, America first. That’s all. That’s why you hired me. And I did win. Did you see those crowds at the inauguration? Biggest crowds to date. Very big crowds. I won.

Q: Why on fucking earth would you pull out from an accord (not legally binding) designed to voluntarily make the world a better, stronger, safer and healthier planet for all in the future?

A: Mother Earth It’s obvious this horrible excuse for a man is a shlemiel (someone who is useless, clueless, inept). 

A: mr t Global warming, climate change, whatever you people call it is all a Chinese-inspired hoax, you know, by the Chinese. Not Americans. America first. I won.

Q: How does it feel to be condemned by world leaders near and far?

A: Mother Earth Smart, he isn’t. My wish for him is that may all his teeth should fall out, except for one. And in that one tooth, he should have a toothache! And may that toothache be a preexisting condition. That should be his tsuris (troubles). 

A: mr t They are all just jealous of my business skills and good looks. I know a bad deal and this was a bad deal. Very bad deal. And, since I won, I can do whatever I want to. And I will erase everything that Obama did. Because I’m a racist, and my life and my deep pockets matter most. And I am the best looking of all the world leaders. Best looking by far. And I won.

Q: How can you explain all of the horrible, tragic storms, massive floods, and hottest temperatures on record? 

A: Mother Earth — Du kanst nicht oif meinem fus pishen und mir sagen klass es regen ist. Don’t pee on my foot and tell me it’s raining. Even your first lady-daughter, Ivanka, her nogudnik, gonif (a man of shady character) of a husband, President Jared, and oil maven, Tex-Rex Tillerson wanted you to stay in the deal. I bet they watched from inside, in the air-conditioning, since they were absent at the Rose Garden. 

A: mr t — Everyone knows I am right. This is a big, very big hoax. All of you countries, all 187 of you, got together, just to make the US, which I love so much, economically feeble. Do you see how many syllables are in the word economically? The leaders of the world, they will all come begging to sit at my table and talk to me about a new deal. The art of the deal. It will be the American Accord. We are the best, and I won. Coal is clean. Coal is good. Oil is clean. Oil is good. I speak for Pittsburgh. Boo Paris. I won. The Pittsburgh Accord. 

Q: Is there anything either of you would like to add to the conversation today?

A: Mother Earth — Climate change is not a bubbe-meiseh (old wives tale). It is real and the outcome can be catastrophic. Just remember, no one is as deaf as the one who will not listen. And, let me add, just because you can talk, it doesn’t mean you’re making sense. How many ‘once in a lifetime’ storms will plague our earth before you see what we are doing? 

A: mr t — The deal is not fair. I won. And, I would just like to say, America first. That’s all. That’s why you hired me. And I did win. Did you see those crowds at the inauguration? Biggest crowds to date. Very big crowds. I won.

Well. That was… yes, it was. Thank you, Mother Earth, and mr t for coming today. I must go now and march in a rally for ending gun violence. Never before have I had so many opportunities to show up and support so many causes. Oy vey… (OMG)

Zei gezunt. Be healthy, be well. 




25 thoughts on “Blog, Shmog: Today an Interview

  1. I’m not sure where he was from, or if he was a senator or House member, but the guy that said that “if climate change is real, I trust in God to save us” really made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. *bangs head against wall*

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  2. Funny but sad. We can keep trying to look after this little planet of ours. It’s all we’ve got, don’t think we’ll be moving to mars anytime soon! Thanks for linking up with us #FabFridayPost


  3. Oy vey! What a Palaver Mess! Mother earth is so spot on. But Mr t thinks nothing but himself. Okay – I have to use this untactful word: I “HATE” him! He literary makes me sick! Thanks for linking up to #FabFridayPost


  4. Initially when I saw Mr T, I thought the A-Team was lurking around your house, but then I realised that “I Pity the fool” (get it??) who you were actually referring to.. Mr Tango man.
    Im still flabberghasted at his actions, every day when I think he cant shock me anymore – he does! #bigpinklink

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  5. Aaah, this is so clever, but also so very very sad… I just can’t believe him and what he’s doing (and I just couldn’t help but read all his bits in his actual voice, which both amused and bemused me all at once!) Lets hope this man can be robbed of his power asap xx

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  6. Oh it’s just so scary isn’t it? That man, how is that man in so much power? You just don’t know whether to laugh at the ridiculousness or cry! It’s totally crazy across the whole world at the moment it seems. Thanks for linking up with the #bigpinklink this week.

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  7. Such a clever post! It feels like the world is going ever so slightly mad – but he is ridiculous at the best of times and I find myself laughing at him mostly when I should probably be scared!! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

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  8. This is brilliant! I mean the whole thing is terrifying (!) but your way of writing about it is humorous and yet straight to the point. Great post! #blogcrush

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