My faith in humanity is restored!

I came home from work, and the pain in my neck was excruciating. On a scale of 1 – 10, it was a 46 (that should only be my age). Ugh! My shana maidelehs (sweet little girls) were so excited to see me; Gatsby, my furry boychik, was jumping and barking at my feet.  My Mrs., she could see the pain in my eyes and she gently kissed me on the check. Heroes welcome for certain.

Apparently, a note was left at the front door entrance to our apartment building to my attention. Big, she was very excited to tell me all about it. Someone found something of mine in the parking lot… call a phone number and they will give it to me. I had no idea what that could be and I had no intention of finding out immediately due to my ‘pain in the neck‘ neck pain. My family, they went out to a birthday party for Little’s friend — I wanted to go, but without full body cooperation, I listened to the siren song of the sofa calling my name. Gatsby and I snuggled in tightly, arranging my head just so, and I asked ‘Alexa’ to play Rachel Maddow as I closed my eyes.

A little bit later, I heard a ping on my phone, so I took a look-see. I noticed a few notes in my Facebook messenger. Delving a little deeper, there was yet another note for me from a person I did not know. It was brilliant! Take a look at this:

Someone found my wallet, and wanted to return it to me! All of the sudden, I remembered Big’s excitement and put 2+2 together… I lost my wallet.

Wait, I lost my wallet? I never lose my wallet? Nu? When did this happen? Where? How? Obviously in the parking lot…  

My penchant for the penny-wise is so strong, I only reach cash/card if I really have to make a purchase. I met a friend for coffee today, but that’s a luxury, so no wallet. I didn’t even know I lost it!  This could have easily been disastrous! 

I dialed up my very kind neighbor right away. She was so sweet and caring. She said she was eagerly waiting to hear from me and she hoped I wasn’t going crazy looking for this missing wallet… Wait, I lost my wallet? I never lose my wallet? She was at work, but her hubby was home and would be happy to deliver my missing property. I insisted that I go to him – It was the least I could do! Gatsby and I ventured across the parking lot. As we made our way, it dawned on me that the previous day, me and this boychik, we walked to the local coop for some dog food and treats. My wallet must have fallen out of my pocket on the way home… I lost my wallet?

I pressed D9 and the most delightful man answered, in a British accent too! He buzzed me in the doorway and came straight away, with my red wallet in hand. As he handed it to me, he reached out his hand and said, “My name is Jim.” I happily took his hand in mine and smiled, gushing gratitude! He bent down and played with Gatsby. These two people who found my wallet, Kristy, and Jim, they are mensches (good people filled with honesty and integrity). And, they like my Gatsby. Dog people are good people! ❤

I love a kind human!

Today, in a world filled with chaos, hate, divisiveness, terror… I experienced the ultimate in human kindness. I saw proof that people, all people, can choose kindness.

A little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness. A kleyn bissel fun likht pushiz a vek a plats fun finsternish. 

Kristy and Jim, thank you for my light.

I lost my wallet… My Mrs., Liz, Biz, Nona — it’s official. I’m a true part of this family! Expect a lost/stolen iPhone next, and, wait, where did my keys go? Oy vey. (OMG.)

Shalom, Ahava, and Simcha. Peace, Love, and Joy. May you all find some kindness today and every day!




60 thoughts on “My faith in humanity is restored!

  1. Oh my goodness, that’s wonderful! 😍

    I’m reading a book written about the Dalai Lama’s birthday week when his good friend, an archbishop, visits for the festivities. In one of their discussions someone asked how it’s possible to be joyful when the world is in such turmoil. They concluded that people are naturally good and compassionate, when we see the opposite (which is about all that’s on the news, otherwise it’s not newsworthy)- it’s an aberration. After I thought about it, I have to agree.

    It’s these small kindnesses that can have such a big impact on our fellow humans. Even something as simple as holding a door for someone or smiling at a stranger rather than averting my eyes can change someone’s day, and mine, for the better even though it seems so insignificant.

    PS I hope the mega-pain has abated 😫

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    1. Hey Kara, I couldn’t agree more. My outlook today is better than it has been in months. I have a spring in my step. People are naturally good, at least I need to believe that they are. These two that I met showed me that again. So many times, my Mrs can lose a credit card and then we get a call that thousands of $$ in electronics were purchased. This had a happy ending.
      I really hope you are feeling better too. Hang in friend. 😘💕

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  2. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kristy and Jim IRL (before they moved from Indiana to Pennyslvania) and yes, they’re pretty much always that fantastic. It’s warmed the cockles of my heart to see this story from your side. Have a lovely day ❤

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  3. Absolutely agree if they are dog people they must be good. But how could anyone not that that face he is the cutest!!! I think if someone dislikes dogs they are pretty strange (unless they had an understandable reason for the dislike). I am so glad they were so lovely and you got back your wallet. Steve left his on the top of his car once and had no idea. A kind lady saw it drop off his car as he drove off, she got out his license and looked up his phone number and called him to say it was safe and he could go and get it. Like you he had no idea he had lost it. I am so sorry you have been in such pain though, I hope it is easing a little for you!!!!!!! Take care beautiful friend xx

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  4. That’s so lovely of them. I once lost my purse in a taxi on a night out and the taxi driver dropped it off to me a few days later when he was in the area. I honestly thought it was lost forever #dreamteam


    1. Oh, what a wonderful story! The taxi brought it to you! Fabulous! More faith is now restored. We have to get through this bubble of awful and feel good again! TY for your comments lovely! #dreamteam


  5. Oh it’s so nice to hear a good news story 🙂 I think we all need the reminder that there are good people in the world. I’m glad you got your wallet back – like you say, if you’d no idea you’d lost it, you may never have found it again! Eeek! I hope your neck pain is better now #triumphanttales


  6. That’s awesome! I know I would go crazy when I loose something. I always loses my phone every time I back to Thailand. It’s like a “thing” for me. lol! I’m so glad your wallet is found safely and that you also get to know a new and kind neighbour. Such a lovely story.

    Thank you so much for brighten our day on #FabFridayPost xx


  7. How amazing that some kind people found it and not someone else. Small acts of kindness really go a long way, especially in these times where the world seems like a horrible dark place it is always reassuring to discover there are still lots of kind people here too. Gatsby is just the cutest xx #BlogCrush

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  8. I worry about the world we live in a lot at the moment, but then i’ll come across a reminder that there are some incredible, inspirational and kind people who walk amongst us. Thanks for reminding me of that once again. Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging

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  9. Dog people are good people. It is true. And I believe there is good in all of us. Some just lose their way. Kind acts are powerful things and I’m happy to hear that on a day when you needed it, good people came through. Great post!

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  10. I am so cynical I thought this story was going to end badly! Like they would’ve asked for money in exchange or something. So happy that they were so kind and gave you you’re wallet back : ) thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!


    1. And that is exactly the reason I had to share this! With the world whirling into crap, something nice happened! Pay it all forward! I’m that one that lets you out of the parking lot and into the lane to drive. I hold open doors, I smile at grumpy people! This was such a good thing for me! #GlobalBlogging ❤ ❤ ❤


  11. Lisa, where have you been hiding Gatsby? He is sooooooooo adorable! I believe in karma and a lovely person like you only deserves to have some good come back on her and even if it is just a found wallet, its still better then losing it at the checkout with a trolley full of goods!
    Thank you for sharing this act of kindness with us at #TriumphantTales. See you tomorrow!


    1. That little boy is my furry little love! Thank you, Lianne for saying such wonderful things about me! I am certainly open to some good karma, and this was a story I just had to share. #TriumphantTales xoxo

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