Through Gatsby’s eyes…

You have got to be kidding me. I stayed here, the entire meal. Quiet. Waiting. Under Little’s chair. I mean we all know she is not the neatest of eaters. I’d starve to death under Big’s chair… The kid eats macaroni like it’s popcorn? She holds a fork in her left hand and picks up the food with her right. That kid has the style that I admire! Surely something is gonna drop. Wait! They can’t be clearing the dishes already? Say it ain’t so? Wait! Wait! What about me?

The food is cooked in a pot and the plate gets the honor? Shpeiz kocht men in top un koved krigt der teller? 


11 thoughts on “Through Gatsby’s eyes…

  1. More Gatsby I am so happy! I loved this, my dog is exactly the same and we can’t turn out back when stacking the dish washer as she gets in there licking the plates. 😉 gorgeous Gatsby! More please!!! Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot 📸


    1. Oh he is wagging his tale as I read this to him! Yes, he is an excellent plate cleaner, and will jump right in the dishwasher if he has to! Love linking up, thank you Catie! ❤ #PointShoot


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