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Shtik naches: Relatives who give you great pleasure and joy! From the top: Shvoger, (left) Shvester, me, (left) Little and Big. My Mrs., she took the picture.

Today’s post is a direct result of the single most, positive, life changing visit to Boulder, CO. We went to see my shvester (sister) and schvoger (brother-in-law) and had an absolutely wonderful time.  I cannot begin to thank them for their love, kindness, support, generosity, and of course, laughter. Oh, and Alex, my ‘budmaster’ from #FreshBaked, thank you too! You see, on my shvester’s birthday, her birthday mind you, they gave me the greatest gift of all time. The gift of feeling absolutely pain-free — no side effects, no cognitive impairment… medical marijuana in the form of CBD. I felt human for the first time in over three decades. A mitzvah (good deed) like no other. To my mishpocheh (shvester and schvoger), words cannot convey my love and gratitude.

To the tune of New York, New York please, maestro (tap, tap, tap, begin):

Start spreading the news, I’m human again
It’s been a life of chronic pain, now I feel great
This Philly based girl, has found a new zen
Right in the heart of Colorado, a legal bud state
I wanna wake up in a place where I’m pain-free
And find I’m living out loud, happy, carefree
Nerve pain in my neck, has won out, too long
I see why people up and move, near a dispensary
If weed could, help me along, with a pill and, not a bong
CBD my friend, makes me pain-free
If I can, feel good there
I should be able to, feel good, everywhere
It’s up to you, P.A., P.A.
I want to wake up, in a city, where I can get
CBD pills. Pain melts away. No high or munchies. Pain melts away!
If I can, feel good there
I should be able to, feel good, everywhere
It’s up to you, P.A., P.A.

Slang words for marijuana: green goddess, bud, grass, herb, weed, pot, wacky-tobacky.

Some links to learn more about medical marijuana:

Go in good health. Gai gezunterheit. And know this yiddisheh momma is gonna fight like hell to keep feeling this good. And to allow others to get relief too.





59 thoughts on “Start spreading the news

  1. I’m so pleased you had a great time and I fully support your campaign! It’s amazing that you have been able to find something to help you. I just can’t imagine having to live with persistent chronic pain, but to then not be able to access this in your own state must be desperately frustrating? Here’s hoping for you lovely. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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  2. As someone who was nervous about her state passing a marijuana law, I can say I was completely wrong. Our DUIs went DOWN, our revenues went UP, our violent crime went DOWN, and people now have access to something that can medically benefit them without taking 5 years of hoops to jump through. I think every state should follow suit, we’re wasting precious government money fighting a battle that doesn’t need to be fought! #ThatFridayLinky

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    1. Thank you, Heather! It is good to see that your state has seen the positive results. It’s like that everywhere… Open them up, PA! I need ya’! Think how much everyone can save in health insurance alone if they had something that worked. Heck, I could have saved at least 5 – 6 surgeries! M’wah friend! #ThatFridayLinky xoxo

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  3. Ah darling. My Grandad had severe arthritis from his 50’s, it debilitated him. He tried the same as you for pain relief but sadly it didn’t do anything to relieve his symptoms. He was always keen to find methods that could ease his suffering. I back your campaign, if it makes you feel better then I’m all for it x #fridayfrolics

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  4. I can feel you joy in this post and it made me happy. I have an ongoing back problem and although it gets me down sometimes, there are days when I am pain free. Those days are bliss and I feel free again so I know a little about how you must feel. I support anything that helps people lead a better and happier life. #Blogcrush

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    1. Thank you, my friend! It is like a constant noise, all the time, never ending, then all of the sudden it is quiet! I sure hope this lasts and PA opens soon! Take good care of your back! Amazing how much of us hurt. #BlogCrush xoxo

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  5. I suffer from a prolapsed disc and spent 2 years on 100mg of Tramadol which after a while just didn’t even do anything for me. I can completely sympathise with you as I doubt my pain was a walk in the park compared to yours! Im so pleased you’ve found something that works!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week

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    1. Thanks so much Lianne! I hope your back pain has subsided, or better yet, gone away for good. I hope PA opens up soon so I can get continued relief legally, and without any risk of side effects. M’wah to you my friend! #TriumphantTales xoxo

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  6. I love how you fight for what is right! You are such an amazing woman a role model to all women, I wish more people thought like you. I am glad you felt that joy and that pain free time xx Much love #mg

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    1. Thank you, Jeremy! I couldn’t agree with you more. The opioid epidemic is terrible, and for me, those drugs never worked. Pharm better loosen the purse strings of pure greed and let us all feel better instead of bandaid-ing solutions and charging us all through the nose. C’mon PA! I’m ready!


  7. It must be so hard to live with pain – you’re so brave, and I’m so glad you found some relief!!! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back next time!

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  8. I had a chronic illness (CFS/ME) which gave me chronic pain for 6 years. It was awful. You have to put a smile on it and just keep going because there is no end in sight, so you either make the best of it or drown under the pain. That is a horrible situation to be in. You have my every sympathy. It must have been an amazing feeling to suddenly be pain-free. I remember feeling light as a feather when I was unexpectedly cured by an experimental treatment and the pain was no longer there. I hope that you get the medication you need soon #blogcrush

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    1. Thank you, Lucy. I am thrilled to hear that yours came to an end. Unless you have experienced it, chronic pain is really hard to describe and bare. We show no scars. Having the curtain lifted and seeing the light is so very hopeful. I am so happy for you, and hopeful for me! M’wah dear Lucy! xoxo #blogcrush


  9. I can tell by your post how amazing this made you feel. Such a shame that medical marijuana hasn’t been legalized everywhere yet, there is no much proof out there that it helps with pain and yet for some reason it remains illegal in so many places. Good luck with your mission lovely xx #BlogCrush

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  10. Hey Lisa,

    You know when you love your posts and your style of writing. I learn so much from you. This is just another subject in which you have taught me something extraordinary and made me question my way of thinking.

    I like to be honest with people and I’ll openly admit then when discussing marijuana I always tend to feel myself taking the moral high ground.

    Whilst working in psychiatric pharmacy for 8 years, I witnessed a lot of people who developed severe psychosis which was almost always attributed to marijuana. Before this I thought thought I’d try the stuff.

    This said, I realise there are so so many types and strengths that to place them all in the same category would be foolish.

    I feel so happy when I read of the relief you found from this medical version that I know I am already reconsidering my stance.

    I think marijuana here in the U.K is associated with a lot of scummy types who set up factories using properties paid for by the tax payer.

    I know in the U.S it is a lot more accepted. You only have to watch a few American part style movies to see that it’s commonplace.

    This has been such an interesting read for me. I really wish you well in your campaign and with your health and I shall continue to reeducate myself in the uses of medical marijuana 🙂

    Huge thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS Come back soon.

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    1. Wow! I so glad you are open to taking in this new information. My levels of CBD (no -high) are very high, with only a hint of THC (high, munchies, etc) and the medical result is amazing. I need them to open here in PA or I will have to find a way to get it in another legal state. PA is legal, but no dispensaries are available until sometime in 2018, hopefully. Thank you for your kind words and support! Medical Marijuana is good medicine. xoxo #KCACOLS

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  11. I love the way you wrote this. Living almost constantly with back pain, I can feel your relief coming through the screen! Long may this wonder work for you.x #KCACOLS

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      1. I am in the UK. My back pain is a disc problem though, exacerbated by constantly caring for my disabled son. I really need to stop doing the things which are damaging the disc.

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      2. Perhaps you can get some medical marijuana and get the help you need. I feel the need to let everyone know! Disc pain is awful. And if you are always lifting and twisting, I can just imagine how you feel. Wishing all good things for you! ❤

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