Finding the laughter

You can always count on Little to make Big burst into laughter!

This is one tough world we live in… but who am I to tell you that? I wake up each morning and cautiously look at my smartphone, one eye opens at a time, and already, I get discouraged.

Stuff yourself with hope and you can go crazy. Fun loiter hofenung ver ich noch meshuggah.

Grateful? Mindful? Of course! Every day I remind myself of the good. And yet still, there is so much bad in the news, in the world, in our lives, in the lives of our friends. So what to do? I must find the laughter. Share the laughter, and add to the contagion in the chaos of the smile theory.

Laughter is heard farther than weeping. A gelechter hert men veiter vi a gevain.

So here’s a little story to share:

Right before school started, the Mrs. and me, we needed to get the kinder (kids) leggings and jeans. We went to Old Navy, you know, the cheap version of Gap? We found quite the sale, which better fits our frugal finances of $0 per month on frocks and finery. We found about 8 -10 pair, a shirt or two, and we were only lighter by $30-some dollars (That’s a -$30-some on the master budget spreadsheet). Not bad. Don’t you know, when we got home, the first pair my Big wants to wear has a dime sized hole mittendrinnen (smack dab in the middle of) her tuchas (tushy, butt, derriere)? I dry the tears and promise to sew this slit and salvage the day. After all, I am of the age that literally had to take Home Economics in school (feminism, oy vey). What part of baking brownies and crocheting toilet paper roll covers made that class economics? Oy, a whole other blog post right there. Needless to say, I made a promise.

Smiles and laughter, contagious!

A needle and thread were tough to find in our little flat, so two weeks later, I finally remember to make a trip to the local pharmacy. For $4.95, I buy a small kit to fix the leggings that were $1.99. Little, not caring a bit about the rip on the rump, had already worn them to school. Big, she has been hock mier chinik (banging on my tea kettle, yammering on and on) for me to make the fix.

It doesn’t cost anything to promise and to love. Tsuzogen un lib hoben kost nit kain gelt.

This morning, it was the first thing I set out to do. These pants, shmata (rags) no more! I make a nice hot coffee and place the new sewing kit, and the lacerated leggings all in arms reach. Gatsby, he is securely settled in my lap in support. Children nestled all snug in their beds our bed. I begin.

Threading a needle is a tad bit more difficult than I recall. Glasses on. Glasses off. Like Karate Kid, I repeat this mantra. At 654 months old, home ec or not, it took me over 25 minutes to put the blue f***ing thread through the teeny, tiny needle. Less than three minutes of sewing said slit, and I’m done. My Big, she is still sleeping. I almost want to wake her to see the joy on her shanah punim (beautiful, radiant face). I know she will wear them immediately.

Silliness spreads the joy!

I get up and proudly look in the mirror who the h*ll is that wrinkly old lady with gray hair?   (Glasses on. Glasses off) as I brush my coffee tinted breath. I laugh. Maybe this gray coif is the silver lining of optimism I need.

I hope you all laugh today, and continue to find the laughter. We need it.






57 thoughts on “Finding the laughter

  1. I thought nobody younger than me had to take home ec, and i’m–as you probably know by now–103. Wasn’t it fun? I can still run a marked square of paper through an unthreaded sewing machine. It’s a useful thing to know.

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    1. Do you still have the toilet paper crochet cover? What genius came up with that one! Like, 😐 hmmm. Wonder what that is? Can’t figure it out? Scratches head. At least brownies have a use. Btw. I failed the sewing machine thing. 😑

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      1. The toilet paper covers didn’t come along until I was in my twenties, so we didn’t make them. We sewed aprons. I brought mine home and never did figure out what to do with it. I still prefer to splash food on my clothes–or when I expect a full-scale food attack, wear a massively oversize shirt–than to wear an apron. Is anything more 1950s than an apron?

        On the other hand, I did learn to cook.

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  2. I love the way you write! Your right there are so many awful things happening, but we also need to focus on the happy things and good friends and family, I know that knowing you even just a little makes me happier and gives me hope that good people exist xx #highlightsofhappy

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  3. We had a very similar thing happen recently. On our last day of vacation my middle son bought himself a new sweatshirt. He wore it that night and by the next morning the whole side seam had let go. He was so upset and I promised him I could fix it… problem was I said “As soon as we get home.”… meaning within that week while we were home, unpacking, etc but that’s not what I said. So yep, I was sewing up the new sweatshirt on my machine, griping each and every time my thread line broke (which for some reason only happens when I am in a time crunch to get my machine working). He happily wore his sweatshirt the rest of the week though so I let it go. 🙂

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  4. haha this made me chuckle. im not too bad with threading needles though! i love your style of language – mixing the to languages. and i just realised a band my husband likes – meshugga – must mean crazy?! thanks for linking at #KCACOLS be sure to join us again!

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  5. Ha ha, love it. I can just about thread a needle but after that I’m at a loss, despite also taking home ec classes (I think I spent most of it sewing my fingers together to freak out the boys 😬😂). Any repair jobs get sent to my mother in law, she’s far more skilled than me!
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

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  6. Oh, I hate sewing! My son has a little hole in his trousers but he is at that age that he even don’t know what the hole is:D Thanks for joining KCACOLS and be sure to link up again 🙂

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