• noun

the science branch of knowledge projection of fear tsuris (troubles) concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services buying the stuff you need today, tomorrow and the next day for your family.

  • verb

Meshuggah (crazy) behaviors or actions, that oftentimes arise with heart palpitations creatively as the direct result of the scarcity of means, in order to achieve certain common and normal ends. Huh? ex.: We need to brush our teeth, we still, really!!! have no toothpaste… Achh!

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Take a look at this photo. I walked into our bathroom the other day, and this is what I saw, no joke! From our loo to your eyes. I ran for my magical iPhone to snap this baby. And with this, comes a tale. After all, you that is why you are here …

Did you know, that when you run out of toothpaste, you can actually cut the tube in two or three parts, and have enough toothpaste to last a normal family of four at least five more days? Did you also know that when the deodorant thingy-mah-jiggy-holder falls from its container and bounces on the bathroom floor a few times and lands in the corner, a linty, hairy mess, you can remain odor free for about two weeks more, if you pick it up, wipe away the yuck, and rub it under your arms? Two weeks! And, that pump in the shampoo bottle… when that stops pouring out perfect spurts of soapy suds-making, you can lengthen and lusciously lather for days, maybe even a week if you take it off? The little straw itself holds two days worth of ‘do-cleaner! Then, the bottom of the bottle, don’t get me started! It’s robbery! In Yiddish, we call this, aroizgevarfeneh (pronounced ah-royz-geh-varf-ehn-uh). It literally means thrown out, wasted.

Extrapolate this scenario out across your personal purchases: think about the sunscreen, moisturizer, conditioner, make-up (like I would know, Nu?) caulk, paint, glue, … wait, don’t. It’s too upsetting to think of the money we’ve all put in the landfill left at the table. Look at this little Yiddisheh gem:

It is not so good with money, as it is bad without. Es iz nit azoi gut mit gelt es iz schlect on dem.

Living in the frugal lane, we’ve learned some very good money-saving tips and ideas. We’ve  all worked to change our anti-penny-pinching ways many years ago. It’s all good. And we’ve argued and cried learned and grown. Vey iz mir (OMG!), it is madness if any of you let the above actions go unnoticed! Think conservation! Teaching the kinder (children) about resources and savings, everyday environmentalism and, well spartanomics!

Big and Little, my kinder…

My glass is always half-full. Now, I think it may be even more full than I ever imagined!  What I do know:

To make promises and to love don’t cost any money. Tsuzogn un lib hoben kostn kain gelt nisht.

So try these tips. See if you save. If you have tips for us, please! Do tell! My Mrs. and me, we are trying desperately to save our money for a home. Alevai! (It should only happen!) These small humans we are raising, Little and Big, they cost a fortune! And, yes, these shanah maidels (sweet little girls), they are indeed priceless.




31 thoughts on “Spartanomics

    1. Oh, sweetdreamer, this is a BIG pet peeve of mine! Drives me nuts when the kinder get home from school and the lunch boxes are full, the moods are foul and the money might as will be flying out in the wind! #thesatsesh xoxo

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  1. It’s so true, it always irritates me when the pump stops pumping but you can feel (and see!) that there is a really decent amount still left in the bottle! We certainly need to start implementing some of these tips pronto. Thank you! #thesatsesh

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  2. We have our shopping delivered on Mondays which is the time to clear out the fridge. I am so ashamed at the amount of food we waste. My only tip is to keep watch on those Use By dates, if they are short then freeze the items if possible, it’s better to have to defrost than to put in the bin. #mg

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  3. hah funny I removed my pump from the hand soap a week ago and it’s still going! It isn’t just about money is it, the environment needs our protection! We have become a culture of just too much waste. Grant post!!!! I love the toothpaste idea I will be taking that approach from now on, thanks lovely xx #mg

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  4. I always tip my bottles upside down so that I can get out every drop, I hate wasting these things. Will try using the pump straw too. Thanks for the tips x

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  5. Ooh some great tips, my husband is always the one who says ‘the toothpaste has run out’. I can always get enough out for at least 2 more days!! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales this week!

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  6. I’ve never cut open the toothpaste (yet 😉) but I do put water in the hand soap, washing up liquid, shampoo and bubble bath bottles when they get to the end. And inch of water, give it a shake and you can get another week out of them easily 😊
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

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