Yes, I promise!

My kinder (Big and Little) and me, we went for a nice walk in the ‘hood with our boychik (little boy), Gatsby. It was a gorgeous autumn day, not too cold and filled bright with sunshine. They were hesitant. A bit groggy from the previous nights’ festivities. Yes, I did the dreaded mom-fail move: I bribed them.

“Come with me to walk Gatsby and I’ll get you both vanilla steamers at High Point!”

Before I could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, shoes, socks, coats and a, “We’re ready to go, Mommy! Aren’t you coming?” Here are a few snaps for our jaunt. What a lucky momma I am!

Yiddish proverb:

Never promise something to a child and not give it to them, because in that way they learn to lie.

Keynmol onzog epes tsu a kind aun nisht gebn es tsu zey, vayl in dem veg zey lernen tsu lign.

Dressed and obsessed with chicken bones, he’s ready to walk…
Fun in the autumn leaves heaps
The stop at High Point Cafe, for some Vanilla Steamers with whipped cream, as promised… who’s missing his momma here?
Ahhh… lovely cuppa for kinder! Worth the walk! I wonder why they look so pensive? Nu?
Always, we make friends along the way…
The beauty of nature’s own design — priceless.

75 thoughts on “Yes, I promise!

  1. Oh Gatsby, you’re breaking my heart with your cute coat!!!! I’m super jealous of your town as the colours of them leaves are just film perfect!!
    Thank you for sharing these tips with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!!

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  2. Love the proverb! I agree with that 100%. Sometimes my ex-husband promises my boys something then when it’s time to deliver he tries to back out but I remind him how important it is to keep his promises to them. Sometimes we don’t want to out of laziness or we just wanted to bribe but the proverb is so true. If we don’t keep our promises to our kids, they will learn that promises aren’t worth anything and that lying is everything. That’s how I see it anyway. #mg

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  3. Now My lovely I was100% sure I had commented on this as part of #PointShoot 📸 but Now I see no comment 😂😬 I know I said how handsome the gorgeous Gatsby looks in his coats and I love the shot of your beautiful girls jumping in the leaves. Thank you also for links by to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉 i Hope this comment works 💕

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  4. so true we should never make promises we do not intend to keep, lovely images and I love that you make friends along the way too Thank you so much for linking up with #mg

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  5. Beautiful pictures, you can’t beat autumn leaves (even if you need to bribe the children to go with you!). I didn’t know what a vanilla streamer was either until I read the comments, but they sound amazing! #KCACOLS

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